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B-50 complex for luteal phase spotting

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Flashinthepan Wed 22-Feb-17 21:22:39

Looking for some advice re luteal phase spotting. I have had 1 to 2 weeks of spotting in luteal phase since my ectopic pregnancy last may. I've been having acupuncture which hasn't helped, and the GP seems unconcerned although has referred me to a gynaecologist at the end of April.

I've read that taking b vitamins could help with the spotting, as I'm afraid there's no way I will be able to pregnant/sustain a pregnancy with so much bleeding. I am taking a conception vitamin with b vits in, but it turns out it's a minuscule amount, so am planning to start on the holland and Barrett b50 mega complex.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences/problems, tried b vits etc. I'm so desperate to get pregnant again, with a healthy baby in the right place, I'll try anything!

Andcake Wed 22-Feb-17 21:27:08

Yes I honestly think it was what made the difference for me. After 3 years of ttc 2 mc after 6 weeks of b50 I was pregnant with ds.

Didn't work a 2nd time but I am convinced it made the difference.
Best few pounds I ever spent.

badabeedabom Wed 22-Feb-17 21:29:55

Not medical advice: I took agnus castus
(chasteberry) to lengthen my luteal phase (I didn't have spotting, just a too-short luteal phase after having DC1) and that did the trick. You may find that that or vitamin B6 helps with the spotting. Obviously read all contraindications before dosing yourself up wink. It worked brilliantly for me though.

badabeedabom Wed 22-Feb-17 21:33:49

By the way I highly recommend 'Taking Charge of your Fertility' if you haven't already read it. Amazing book.

Flashinthepan Wed 22-Feb-17 21:51:01

Tha you ladies. Ok I will definitely get that book! Good to hear that it worked for you andcake, and also an Alternative if it doesn't work bada. I feel like if I couldn't get pregnant in the right place things would be ok, I had really high hcg levels for an ectopic pregnancy, like my body wanted to stay pregnant.

Flashinthepan Wed 22-Feb-17 21:57:51

Sorry that should say if I could

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