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Periods after a miscarriage

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LottieB30 Sun 19-Feb-17 18:58:42

Hi all

Just after some advice/reassurance/help...

I had a natural miscarriage on 27 December which was confirmed by the EPU on 29 December. When there the nurse said I still had a lot of lining left so to expect more bleeding or a heavy period. I pretty much stopped bleeding on 29 December so lived in fear of this heavy period. It came about 28 days later and boy was it heavy for a few days confused it got lighter but lasted about 2 weeks. (My periods normally last 6 days)

We decided to ttc again once the bleeding stopped. I expected my period to start yesterday (Saturday 18 February) and I had a very light bleed in the morning and nothing all afternoon then had the same today....during the afternoon when I go to the loo I do get some blood when I wipe but nothing in a pad. This can be brown or bright red.

I'm so confused - should I test? Or just assume this is a lighter than normal period following the horrific one a month ago? Has anyone else experienced this?

Tia cx

Thingymaboob Sun 19-Feb-17 20:44:51

Take a pregnancy test. May be implantation bleeding. Or wait a couple of days to see what happens then test. Since mc my period is weird - it is very spotty / light only when wiping then gets heavy on 2nd day.

LottieB30 Sun 19-Feb-17 20:51:49

Thanks for the reply smile

I was a bit crampy this evening and went to check expecting to see something and nothing. Will give it a few days and see what happens. Just seems very random.


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