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Possible ectopic. Need advice

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Charlottelouisa Sun 19-Feb-17 09:05:22

Hi, I found out I was pregnant on Friday (2-3 on clear blue)
Went for an early scan yesterday to see how far exactly as I have a 5month old baby and periods have been a bit all over the place.
However I know for a fact that I def haven't bled in about 7 weeks.
Went for scan , saw what looked like an empty sac measuring 4weeks. On report it says
Saw 2 follicles and considerable free fluid in pod. Thickened endometrium
Cannot rule out ectopic
But could also be a very early pregnancy to early for any viability. But there's no way I could only be 4 weeks as I haven't had a period in ages!
Has anyone got any experience of this?
I need to take my report to gp to be referred to epu. Thanks

Thingymaboob Sun 19-Feb-17 10:32:22

Unless you know when you exactly ovulated last, you could well be 4 weeks.
They'll take your HCGs, probably re-scan you and only then will they decide whether it's an ectopic.
If you get any severe pain go straight to A and E.

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