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Have I had a miscarriage?

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elliesmith85 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:46:46

I am looking for some advice I have an appointment with my GP next week but in the meantime I am driving myself mad. I am pretty sure I have miscarried but as I'm sure most people who miscarry I am holding on to a tiny bit of hope.
I have PCOS and have been ttc for years now. I finally got a positive ovulation test on 18th January and 2 weeks later got a positive pregnancy test. I have really irregular periods but going by my last period and this imformation I was thinking I was about 7 weeks. However obviouslyI could have ovulated at anytime my cycles are all over the place.
A week after my postive pregnancy test I started spotting. At first it was light and then when I wiped I saw red blood. The morning after it would go back to brown again and it would carry on like this for a few days. I went to A&e after some advice and they did a urine test. The test cameback negative which really confused me as by then I had taken about 12 different home pregnancy tests which all said pregnant. This was a Friday so the following Monday I went to my Doctors for a blood test. The results came up as 4 weeks pregnant- HCG levels 103. I thought I must have ovulated later than I thought and this must have been why the urine test was negative at the Hospital. The following day I started bleeding a bit heavier. I wouldn't say really heavy just like a normal period maybe lighter but it was red blood and 2 clots came out. They were about the size of a coin and were dark purple/red jelly. I assume that was the baby (or what would have been my baby.) I also had cramps but I wasn't doubled over or anything. They just seemed like period cramps that lasted about a day.
I then had another blood test and was told my HCG levels were 128 so they were rising but not doubling. I was handed a leaflet on miscarriage and sent on my way!
Even typing it all out I am pretty sure it's obvious I have just gone through an early miscarriage and that's that but I hope you can't blame me for hoping that I am just early on and it might have just been a bleed. It has been 8 days since the first spotting and I am still seeing red/ brown when I wipe but not much. I checked my cervix and although it feels lower it is still soft and closed. My boobs are still tender. Pregnancy tests are still faint positive but I suppose they would be until HCG leave my system.
Has anyone been through something similar? Does this just sound like an obvious miscarriage case closed?
Thank you and I appreciate any advice.

Thingymaboob Fri 17-Feb-17 22:39:10

Unfortunately it does sound like an early miscarriage. HCGs might initially rise but the numbers are low and they're not increasing enough. It took me 2 weeks after bleeding started to have a negative test. It's natural to be hopeful. I'm sorry this has happened. They'll want to monitor HCGs until low. They sent me away with a pregnancy test and told me to go back if it's still positive in a week (this was a week after bleeding started). Take care xxx

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