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First period after ectopic and it's a mega one!!

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bethrm1721 Fri 10-Feb-17 00:54:19

Hi all,

I had a surprise ectopic pregnancy and right tube removed (didn't know I was pregnant until I was in hospital) after falling pregnant despite the Mirena coil being in place. That was 4 weeks ago and I've just started my period and it's awful! My periods were always bad (4-5 nighttime pads a day) and painful and the Mirena controlled this, and I knew they wouldn't be as light now the Mirena has gone, but this is crazy! I've soaked through 7 nighttime pads today and the's so much worse than I remember. Has anyone else found their first period after an ectopic was crazy? I'm really emotional because it's bringing back memories of the days before the ectopic was removed and it feels like this is another reminder that I'm not pregnant anymore 😞 Did anyone else find this and then it settled after the first period?

Thanks in advance xx

Cocoabean25 Tue 14-Feb-17 22:04:24

Hi bethrm

I didn't have an ectopic pregnancy but had a miscarriage about 5 weeks ago and my first period was really heavy too. Definitely understand about it being a reminder about not being pregnant anymore. Big hugs to you xx I would talk to your gp about it and get some advise xxx

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