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Miscarriage and nausea?

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NW10teacher Tue 07-Feb-17 10:26:52

I miscarried yesterday at 8 wks, 1st pregnancy, and all through the night I've been feeling really nauseous, bad stomach pain, and I've been sick quite a few times. I've got an appt to see my GP later but I called NHS 111 because I was worried. They said it's not usual but probably not anything to be too concerned about.

Does anyone have any experience of something like this? Sorry, I think I am basically being paranoid, but I'm just feeling freaked out by the whole thing and OH is abroad for work so I am home alone.

TheFirie Wed 08-Feb-17 05:27:18

Sorry about your MC. I miscarried twice, at 16 weeks and at 22 weeks. At 22 I did vomit, but I was in labour and the midwife told me it did happen to be sick.

Have you been seen yet ? Have you miscarried home alone? How are you feeling now? Any strong pain is a sign that you might not have expelled everything and this can be dangerous. This happened to me at 16 weeks and for 4 more days I was in awful pain until I passed the last "bits".

You might need an ultrasound to make sure.

Very sorry for you. flowers

JCleRoux Wed 08-Feb-17 05:34:19

So sorry for your loss. Was about to say you may need to go to the GP or your early pregnancy unit if the vomiting continues.

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