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Dr Shehata or Raj Rai

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Pinkandwhite Fri 03-Feb-17 19:34:46

I am currently having my fourth miscarriage so I really need to try and find some answers.

Can anyone tell me about their experiences with Dr Shehata or Raj Rai and who they would recommend seeing please?

YouMeddlingKids Fri 03-Feb-17 19:39:52

I saw Raj Rai at St Mary's, he was fine and slightly adjusted the medications I'd been prescribed by my local recurrent miscarriage service (I was on my forth MC too). I think St Mary's are quite conservative with the treatments they prescribe, but it did the job for me and my fifth pregnancy was successful so can't complain! Good luck

Pinkandwhite Fri 03-Feb-17 19:47:48

Thanks Youmeddlingkids!

I'm really sorry for your losses. Would you mind telling me if they ever identified a cause for your miscarriages? Also, which medications were you on?

I took baby aspirin, clexane, metphormin and cyclogest in my latest pregnancy and it still didn't work out.

YouMeddlingKids Fri 03-Feb-17 20:27:30

The only thing they found for me was antiphospholipid syndrome, so for mc 4 I took 75mg aspirin from bfp and heparin from 6 weeks. For my next pregnancy Raj Rai increased it to 150mg aspirin from ovulation and clexane from bfp. They also checked for adhesions which my local clinic hadn't done, but that was fine. Sorry your treatment didn't work, I was so confident that pregnancy number 4 would work and was devastated when it didn't. This was the only fetus they tested and it was chromosomally normal. Wasn't sure if I could keep going but number 5 was lucky for me! Don't know if it was the slight changes in meds or just luck, at St Mary's they're very reassuring that keeping trying will almost always end in success.

Pinkandwhite Wed 08-Feb-17 15:05:12

I'm just bumping this in case anyone else can share any experiences they have had with either of these doctors.

DoWop2 Wed 08-Feb-17 15:10:11

Shehata is amazing. Quite a severe personality at times but really knows his stuff. I'd recommend him.

Pinkandwhite Wed 08-Feb-17 17:28:49

Thanks DoWop2. I really appreciate you taking the time to recommend him.

Iggi999 Thu 09-Feb-17 15:07:31

Well Shehata got me my baby (so to speak!) after 4 mcs so I would recommend him, but I have no experience of your other option. Good luck either way

Pinkandwhite Thu 09-Feb-17 19:43:54

Thanks so much for your reply Iggi and congratulations on your baby. Please may I ask if he put you on prednisone? That's pretty much the one thing I haven't tried yet. I used progesterone, clexane injections, baby aspirin and metformin in my last pregnancy to no avail.

Iggi999 Thu 09-Feb-17 19:59:40

Yes he did - I had not tried anything prior to that though so in a way hard to say what it was that worked (or if just "luck"). I have an underactive thyroid so suspected it was something immune-related for me.
He is also big on various vitamins - I can't remember them all but D3 was important. I think as long as you keep trying something new it's easier to hope. flowers

Pinkandwhite Thu 09-Feb-17 20:11:34

Yes, I think you're right Iggi, thank you. I will make an appointment to see him. Thanks for the info, I really do appreciate it.

Iggi999 Thu 09-Feb-17 20:20:49

You're very welcome. I don't know if it still runs but there were long-running "pred threads" over in conception for people trying the same treatment. Even if it's stopped now an advanced search would find you loads of info. Not everyone sadly but the majority of people on the thread with me went on to have babies, there's still hope.

Pinkandwhite Thu 09-Feb-17 20:22:21

Oh thanks Iggi, that's really good to know. I'll go and take a look there.

trinabosein Thu 23-Feb-17 16:15:50

Dr Shehata any day

3 miscarriages

Went to Dr Shehata

After 9 months got pregnant

Now my monkey is 21 months old

PM me if you cant further info

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