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8 weeks pregnant scared I'm going to have miscarriage

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Cocogem88 Sat 28-Jan-17 23:10:14

Hi ladies, I'm 8 weeks pregnant and a few days ago I had a slight brown/pinkish discharge (sorry tmi) when I wiped then I had a sudden loss of fatigue and nausea. Now a few days on my nausea has returned but it's not as strong as before it's more like a metallic taste in my mouth than nausea and my fatigue is still non existent. I still have the sore boobs and the achey niggles. in my uterus and stomach. I'm really worried because from what I've read online these are all signs of impending miscarriage sad

Thingymaboob Sun 29-Jan-17 16:47:54

If you read for long enough, anything can be a sign of impending miscarriage. Take a pregnancy test and book into the early pregnancy clinic. You will not know until scan and bloods.
I had brown / pink discharge at 6 weeks and I had all my pregnancy symptoms and I miscarried. However, my sister in law bled with red blood for a day at 7 weeks and she is now 14 weeks and everything looks fine / healthy. You'll cause yourself so much stress trying to second guess what's going on. Get down to the clinic for a scan. Good luck x

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