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BlondeGinger Wed 25-Jan-17 15:59:06

I just wanted some advice on what I should say to my friend. She's coming over tonight.
She text me on Monday and told me she'd had a miscarriage the previous day. Of course I was devastated for her and completely sympathise having been through the same in 2014.
Having spoken to our mutual friend (who is extremely close to her) she asked me to try and talk to her as she hasn't sought any medical advice at all. We're worried that a. Maybe it isn't a miscarriage- lots of people have bleeding during early pregnancy or b. If it is a miscarriage, what if there's complications or further treatment needed and she's putting herself at risk?
We feel she's completely burying her head in the sand and whilst what has happened is horrific and I completely sympathise, she needs to get herself checked so she knows exactly what's going on.
I feel like shaking her. She's said to the mutual friend when she asked "what's the point of going to the doctors/hospital, they won't be able to do anything".
What can I say to her when I see her tonight to let her know that she NEEDS to see a medical professional? I don't want to upset her any more than she already is and I don't want to cause a row but surely she needs to do this?

BeccyButterfly Wed 25-Jan-17 20:35:44

She definitely needs to seek medical advice. I took 3 months to miscarry fully last year, had to keep going back for scans every 2 weeks, which eventually resulted in an emergency d&c when it started to become infected. My case was extreme, but she will need to be checked to make sure everything is ok. Hope you can talk to her. x

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