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user1484512193 Sun 15-Jan-17 20:40:55

HI so I have been taking microgynon for a about half of my life,only having breaks when I was trying for my son and when I split with his dad and abstained from sex for about two years (really). Anyway been in my current relationship for nearly three years always use the pill. Come November I was struck down with that vile flu bug and was very lethargic and sick for three weeks to the point where I had to have antibiotics. Which I took alongside my pill. Then last month when I started up again,when I then had my break,I bled for two days,stopped,then came on again for a day,there was spotting and then I stopped. Went the doctors and he said I wasn't pregnant and to carry on taking the pill. I was confused because my body had changed lately and there were a few pregnancy symptoms. But I went with his judgement. Found that I was really upset I wasn't and me and my partner have talked about adding to our brood so we decided after Christmas we'd start trying! End of December though I get my period,heavyish but not as heavy as it used to be for a day then light for two days and then it stops. Since then I've put weight on and feel tired all the time. Can I also add apart from 23 Dec and the other day my partner and I haven't had sex cos he hasn't been well. Could I be pregnant and the doctor could be wrong?

bleughhh Sun 15-Jan-17 21:05:51

Hello - you could be... have you taken a test? Only way to tell! If it's positive you'll then need a scan for dating... Even if you're not pregnant, you might need a scan to check everything's working ok since you haven't been feeling well and have been having unusual periods (if that's what they are). Good luck.

user1484512193 Sun 15-Jan-17 22:16:47

I'm going to get a test tomorrow. When I was pregnant with my son it didn't show on a pregnancy test until I was nearly 5 weeks gone! And I'd been the doctor and took tests prior aswell and they showed as negative. I was told then there can be a thing as testing too early. Fingers crossed and thanks for replying

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