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MulderitsmeX Thu 12-Jan-17 11:57:48

Hi all,
Am thinking of getting a MVA rather than surgical management. Will ring the consultant today to discuss but it seems to me that it looks fairly safe and I'll be able to start trying again straight away.

Will update to let you all know how it goes as it seems like something that isn't too common. Had anyone else had one/would discourage me having it?


GreedyDuck Thu 12-Jan-17 15:55:18

I've had an MVA twice. The last one was three weeks ago.

I'm not going to sugar coat this, it really hurts. But it is over pretty quickly with very little discomfort afterwards. Left hospital an hour later and went shopping, had hardly any further bleeding.

The first time my partner came in with me and held my hand throughout, this time I had two nurses, one on each hand who talked to me and tried to distract me from the pain. The consultant on both occasions was absolutely lovely and very kind and caring. They will stop at any point if the pain becomes too much.

My primary reason for choosing an MVA this time was because they couldn't fit me in for an ERPC before Christmas and it had been dragging on for two weeks by that point already. I will probably opt for an ERPC if it ever happens again though as I don't think I can do it a third time.

MulderitsmeX Fri 13-Jan-17 22:54:04

Thanks very much for your insight, it sounds like a good option especially as you could leave quite quickly. Hope you have recovered now flowers

I ended up being booked in really speedily for consultation/procedure and had an ERPC today in the end as the consultant decided that would be best. I got a bit scared about the GA (Have had one before but was less scared then) but it was fine. I was in for a while though, out of theatre 12 ish and left at 3.30pm. Probably about 30 mins including prep time.

I had Dr Angus McIndoe if anyone ever comes across him. He was very good, really thorough and listened to all my points (I am in London btw). His secretary was really thoughtful swapping other appointments around so I could be seen the next day which I hugely appreciated as I really wanted to get it over with.

ERPC verdict- I would have this again (although I hope I don't need one!!) Less blood than a period coming out and I feel totally fine (although I am possibly still high from the GA).

If anyone sees this and wants a more thorough report on him please PM and I would be happy to help - would definitely recommend him flowers

GreedyDuck Sat 14-Jan-17 08:20:04

I'm glad it all went ok for you. Fingers crossed that you don't ever need another one.

Take it easy, I found the emotional fallout hit me like a truck shortly afterwards. I was pretty sanguine about it all at the time, the relief of putting an end to all the uncertainty. A few weeks later though and I'm feeling quite mopey.

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