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Am I having a miscarriage?

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Emily7889 Wed 11-Jan-17 17:17:35

This is long so please bare with me!

I started bleeding 10 days ago, this has never been heavy but switched from bright red to pink to brown.

I was referred to EPU and on Saturday they took my bloods and did a transvaginal scan, they found nothing on the scan but said it could be too early, my last period was 6 weeks 4 days ago, but I think I got pregnant about 4 weeks ago, hcg levels were 165.

Retested 2 days later and they had gone up 65% which was just above the minimum they would expect (63%).

They booked me in for retest for today (48 hours later), however yesterday morning I started getting a horrible cramping/stabbing pain in the low left hand side of abdomen, had this last week but only lasted a few hours, this time it has been constant since yesterday morning, was crying in pain last night, couldn't even sit down as it hurt more so had to stay stood up until I went to bed, but was still awful when laid down and woke up several times in the night because of it.

I told them about the pain when I got there this morning when they retested blood, they asked me to stay there to wait for results because of pain as suspected it could be an ectopic (as also had bad dizziness on Saturday). They gave me a codeine which didn't help pain, did another transvaginal scan and this time found a 6mm gestational sac but no yolk, blood results came back and had doubled this time to 526. I know everyone's levels are different but looking at averages this still seems quite low for 4-6 weeks pregnant.

I have been booked in for a scan in a week's time which seems like such a long time to wait while I am still in the same amount of pain for 36 hours now and paracetamol just does not help. As they've now seen a sac I'm guessing it's not ectopic but I can't help thinking the pain I'm in is not normal so may be an impending miscarriage? Still bleeding but only lightly and only every so often. Any ideas? Feel like I can't wait a week to find out what is happening to me!

appleseedpip Fri 13-Jan-17 21:44:09

OP I didn't want to read and run and I'm sorry you're going through some turmoil with you pregnancy and I unfortunately don't have any insight I can offer you but I hope things are working out.

All I can say is you'll have to wait and see what happens.. as awful and painfully long the wait can be. It seems the EPU are doing the best they can for you. Fingers crossed all is fine. xx

Endmoor1405 Fri 13-Jan-17 21:55:23

Didn't want to read and run!

When I was in having scans with my miscarriage they said to me that until they could see a yolk or a fetal pole that they couldn't say it definitely wasn't ectopic. I'm not really sure why as I'm not hugely medically minded and I definitely wasn't on those days anyway! They did eventually decide that it wasn't as I had no pain. What they did tell me was that shoulder tip pain, dizziness and sharp one sided abdominal pain are all pretty indicative of an ectopic pregnancy even if they are unable to determine the location for certain with a scan.

All I can say is that you do have to just wait and see. It really is crap and I absolutely hope you are not miscarrying or having an ectopic but sadly all there is to do is wait (and drive yourself nuts wondering what's happening). I would say though that if you get any heavier bleeding or any more serious pain- to me if you can't sit down then it is very serious!- then you should absolutely phone the unit or even go to A&E. We sat in A&E about three times overall which was possibly the most boring time of my life, but it did at least make me feel like I was doing something when things got worse or changed at all.

Big hugs and I really hope it works out ok for you flowers

Emily7889 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:05:26

Thanks everyone. The pain has eased for now. I certainly thought the severity of it and it being to one side might have meant ectopic but because they've seen a gestational sac in uterus on scan they said they can't seem to see anything that shows what is causing the pain. It has turned more to period pains/cramps today. Still bleeding slightly but nothing heavy. Trying to keep it out of my mind as much as I can until the scan next Wednesday!

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