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Surprise miscarriage :,(

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LittleButton Mon 09-Jan-17 10:51:31

I got my positives on the 23-26th November.... I started bleeding for 3 days 27-29th November ( 4weeks 4 days) ..... I was told to re test in a week and have plenty rest ......I re tested on 3, 4, 5 December and they we're darker positives than before bleeding......... I seen no health professionals in between this time they all just spoke to me via telephone..... I attended my first antenatal appointment on the 29th December at 9 weeks..... then on the 31 December I ended up in the early pregnancy unit with bleeding and cramping..... I had a scan but the couldn't detect anything and my bloods confirmed later that day that it was a definite miscarriage, I feel so let down and hurt, as with my initial bleeding they refused to scan or even do bloods! They allowed me to believe in false hope with my darkening tests after the bleeding that everything was ok! ..... admittedly I was still having terrible pregnancy symptoms, they said I started bleeding again on the 31st due to there still being lining to be shed? This confused me!
The midwife did apologise and say they really should have got me in when I first presented with bleeding to determine the cause and course of action instead of leaving me this long!

I feel emotionally broken! Having went through everything acting as though it was normal yet NOBODY thought to investigate or double check to spare me all of this?! I felt so stupid crying In the hospital yesterday while the ultrasound technician physically hurt me doing and abdominal scan to the point I had to tell her it's sore and I gasped a number of times, she was so abrupt and blunt in her manner! She made me feel like my baby not being there was my fault or I had made the whole thing up! I showed them all my pregnant tests with times/dates and that I had no period in 9 weeks 3 days! I just can't stop crying I'm so sorry this is such a long winded post! Just feel such anger towards the medical staff and with myself!

I have attracted pictures of my tests the first three were before my first bleed and the other 3 ( darker) are after the bleed


LittleButton Mon 09-Jan-17 10:53:10

I could only do 3 pictures at a time...... the one with 2 tests is day 1 & 2 , then test 3 alone , then 4-6 alone

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