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Tips to cope with anxiety post MMC

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SammyL100 Sun 08-Jan-17 12:37:26

Thank you Bumble, makes me feel less alone.

I will see about starting a journal too. Anything that can help!

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Bumblebee25 Sun 08-Jan-17 12:19:40

Hi Sammy,
So sorry to hear about your loss. I had a MMC early December and like you it was my first pregnancy. I was really low for weeks (although having Christmas off for just me and DH helped a lot) and kept thinking I will never be happy again, I will never laugh again, I should've started TTC earlier. I think it is normal to feel this way when dealing with a loss. What helped me was to start writing a gratitude journal and seeing how much goodness I already have in my life. Yes MMC was a set back and a shitty thing to happen but I now see it as something that happened to me and us and there's nothing that I could have done differently. Writing the journal has definitely helped me keeping the focus on positive things. I also write down daily affirmations. I'm using 5 minute journal as a base and it literally takes just 5 minutes to write few things down in the morning and then reflecting in the evening.

I also promised to be kinder to myself and do something everyday just for myself. Like a relaxing bath, a walk in the woods at the weekends, etc.

As for thinking I should have started TTC earlier, I've been worrying about this too but the truth is that it hasn't been the right time until now for me/us. I was crying about this to my DH and he very sensibly put it into perspective that we wanted to do x, y, z before TTC which we did so there is no point worrying about this. We have also agreed that if we don't get lucky, say by early summer, we will book our dream holiday for autumn. I of course hope we will get lucky before then but if not there is something lovely to look forward to.

I hope this helps you, mc is an awful thing to happen but I'm confident things will get better for you. Sending hugs & baby dust to you x

SammyL100 Sun 08-Jan-17 11:45:06


I have posted here previously about a MMC I had in late November. It was my first pregnancy and I am 39. I thought I was getting back to normal, when I had my AF and hormones went crazy!

I find myself thinking I will never have a child, its my fault as I am old, if only I had started ttc when I was younger. The anxiety is really hitting home.

Does anyone have any tips to cope?

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