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FSH level

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SammyL100 Fri 06-Jan-17 11:49:04

I have a question for the older ladies who have had mcs.

Did anyone of yous get your FSH levels checked? Were they high?

I had a mmc 6 weeks ago and did a home FSH test (designed to measure FSH above 25- v. High). The test was negative but still showed a line in the test window when some ladies report no line. I took the test again in the morning and the line was much feinter.

Wonder whether high FSH means no chance if successful pregnancy?

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TurquoiseDress Sat 07-Jan-17 15:48:06

I guess I'm one of the older ladies at the age of 38 grin

Had a MMC last summer and we started TTC again as soon as my periods seemed to settle down.

Anyhow, nothing seemed to be happening so towards the end of last year I went to my GP to ask for some baseline blood tests. everything seemed to come back normal- my FSH was 6.7 which is apparently normal.

I was at the start of the my cycle when I had the bloods done- in fact I think it was CD1 as I was pretty pissed off to have got my period.

Didn't know it was possible to test FSH at home.

I think elevated FSH is not normal and indicates less chance of an egg being released i.e. the body has to produce much more FSH to enable the follicle to mature/ovulation to take place.

In my (limited) knowledge, I think FSH tends to increase the older you get and the closer to menopause you are.

Hope someone else more knowledgable comes along soon

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