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Recurrent miscarriages after healthy pregnancy

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BeanDotSprout Sat 24-Dec-16 08:59:59

I'm very sad to find myself back on this board after suffering a third miscarriage this week. I lost my DS at 16 weeks at the end of June, had a chemical pregnancy in October and this time got to 8 weeks, though the baby stopped growing at 6, just after we saw the heartbeat.

I have a healthy DD who is 2 years old and the pregnancy went without complication. I know we are lucky to have been able to fall so quickly since starting to try again, but continuing this journey of falling pregnant and losing babies is taking it's toll. I feel as though I'm not facing up to the reality that perhaps it's not our time. And maybe we need a break. I felt strong enough to try again these last two times as I've had a lot of support since losing my son. But as my DS was due a week ago this latest loss has hit me pretty hard. It's left me reeling.

The EPAU midwives are remaining positive and have encouraged us to just keep trying. There's no obvious link or pattern as each loss was so different and so they're not concerned and don't think a referral to the recurrent miscarriage unit is necessary. I'm tired of all the testing, which we had after losing our son and the post-mortem highlighted no obvious cause, so I'm encouraged by their words. And perhaps it is just very bad luck.

Does anyone have a similar and positive story? Or is anyone in the same position? I feel so very lost and alone today after the loss was confirmed yesterday.

And I'm sorry so many of us find ourselves here at this time of year. Well at anytime really. My heart goes out to you all xx

eggcup Sat 24-Dec-16 19:47:30

So sorry you're going through this BeanDotSprout. I'm also having my 3rd mc at the moment - It's horrible at the best of times but Christmas??!! Feels particularly cruel.
I don't have any advice (my 2 latest mcs are after my children so a bit different from you) just wanted to reach out to you to let you know you're not alone, and to wish you well for your next pregnancy.
sending love and hope you can enjoy christmas with your little one.

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