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Is it a miscarriage?

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samgray93 Sat 17-Dec-16 13:33:07

Hello all. Thursday a week ago I started bleeding. It was only light, enough to not even fill a pad in one day. I had a scan Monday and they said I was 5 weeks and bleeding could be from implanting. I was still bleeding f Thursday and passed a large clot. I had mild cramp like pains and heavier bleeding for about 20 mins. I got taken to a&e where they did blood tests and a smear. Nobody will tell me anything and the doctors said it could be one but they don't know. Blood was fine, pulse and blood pressure fine. I've got another scan Monday and I'm so afraid it won't be there.

Is there actually any chance do you think it could still be there? Husband is away and don't really want to have to break the news to him sad

Littlemisssugarplum88 Sat 17-Dec-16 16:14:12

Sorry that you're going through this - I don't suppose you'll really know until you've had another scan.

I've just recently had a miscarriage in the last couple of days and I'd had no bleeding or anything, there was just no heartbeat anymore at a second scan. I have heard a lot of people have bleeding during pregnancy and everything went well, so I guess you need to patiently wait for your scan (very hard and frightening I know) until you can be sure. Sending you lots of luck xxx

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