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Abnormal scan and going to miscarry

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user1481800358 Thu 15-Dec-16 11:25:45

Hi Everyone,

I am/was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. My OH and I had only recently started trying for our 1st baby and luckily we conceived in the first month, which we were thrilled about. Unfortunately, this week I had brown spotting on/off for a couple of days and a dull lower back ache. I went to see my Doctor who said these signs were common and I had nothing to be concerned about. However, the following day, trusting my instinct, I took myself to the EPU for an early scan.

The process was horrific (internal scan) but the Nurse informed me I had no signs of Ectopic, which was my main concern at the time. However, she later took me in a room and said that I had an irregular shaped Sac and it wasn't as round as it should be. The yolk was in place but it was too early to see a baby. She also informed me that it is highly likely I will miscarry (if I haven't already..) because of this. I am absolutely heartbroken. I haven't had any spotting today but all of my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared, minus the lower back ache. The Nurse said that sometimes the sac changes shape but because I have bled, it's likely it won't be the case for me.

I just wanted to ask if anyone would please provide advice on how to cope? The Nurse lacked concern and said it 'just happens' and to go in for a scan in 9 days to confirm it. I understand it is common but the lack of support or understanding was so poor from her..I literally drove home in a daze.

Sorry for the essay and thank you x x

Sooner Thu 15-Dec-16 13:10:48

I'm so sorry. It's really hard. I had a miscarriage last week at 13 weeks. I also had a lack of sympathy which somehow manages to make everything so much worse.

I don't have any advice as mine happened v quickly without any warning symptoms before it stared, but was given details of Miscarriage Association who have lots of into on their site and also a helpline.

I keep meaning to call them myself but don't really know what I need. Just so so sad. I hope you get good news at the next scan and treated better.

BeamReach Thu 15-Dec-16 16:57:35

Hi ... So sorry thus has happened to you and that it wasn't handled better .... There are a few of us over in the "what happens when a pregnancy has ended but miscarriage hasn't happened yet" thread who are where you are now...

My scan was similar, but a week further on... Repeat scan next week and then.... Well I am not really sure....

MollyHuaCha Thu 15-Dec-16 19:11:22

Thinking of you flowersflowersflowers

user1481800358 Fri 16-Dec-16 11:12:33

Thank you everyone for your kind words. It's such a difficult time and just speaking to people that understand, well it really helps.

I'm sorry Sooner and BeamReach that you are going through this too. Hopefully we can all just be here for each other xxxx

NikiAM Fri 04-May-18 16:22:11

Hi there, can I ask if you did miscarry after all? I have my fingers crossed the outcome was positive xx

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