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Chance of mc with ivf?

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SammyL100 Fri 09-Dec-16 11:45:13

Hi Ladies,

I am 39 and had a mmc last week. I fell pregnant after just 3 months of trying.

I spoke to a friend who stated ivf might be a route to explore as they screen the eggs so miscarriage rates will be reduced. I certainly had not considered ivf before as I fell pregnant relatively soon.

Does anyone have advice about this?

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Inthenick Fri 09-Dec-16 11:57:19

No Sammy, that doesn't sound like a good idea. I'm very sorry about your loss but IVF is not some little process you do. It ends in miscarriage too all too frequently and the mental and physical toll of doing it can be horrific. The hormones taken and drugs etc are not without risk and certainly not without impact even more long term. Of course it's worth it if a couple can't get pregnant but right now, that is not your problem. You may have no problem at all and were just very unlucky but why would you put yourself through the hell of IVF to get to the exact same point you got to by yourself.

I'm sorry but I think your friend is very foolish.

SammyL100 Fri 09-Dec-16 12:26:27

Thank you for your advice Inthenick. I understand IVF can be a gruelling process and for those struggling to get pregnant so was confused as to the advice. But appreciate any helpful guidance ppl here can give!

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Blueroses99 Mon 12-Dec-16 09:01:47

I believe your friend was alluding to the use of pre-genetic screening, where embryos are frozen and tested to see whether they are genetically normal. If an embryo is chromosomally abnormal, it will not develop leading to miscarriage. But a chromosomally normal embryo may still miscarry depending on numerous other factors - lining issues, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance such as low progesterone, sticky blood, NK cells etc etc. Jumping to the conclusion that you miscarriage was due to genetic abnormalities is quite a stretch before anything else has been ruled out.

Just try again, it didn't take you long to get pregnant so you might just have been unlucky this time. Recurring miscarriage will be investigated (I believe after 3). IVF may end up being the answer for you if it doesn't happen naturally but there is quite a lot you need to go through before you get there. It is an ordeal that you shouldn't enter into lightly.

Good luck!

Nan0second Mon 12-Dec-16 09:04:07

IVF has higher rates of miscarriage compared with natural pregnancy I'm afraid. The only time this is different if you have a known genetic disorder which can be screened for using PGD as above.
Sorry for your loss. Unfortunately miscarriage is very common (1in 4)

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