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Unprotected sex after miscarriage

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123456kent Sun 04-Dec-16 23:23:39

I had an MMC 13 days ago (at 11.5 weeks). Have now stopped bleeding and foolishly, against our better judgement, me and OH had unprotected sex last night. We both wish this MC had never happened and that I was still pregnant, and would love me to be pregnant again. But we had made a conscious decision to follow the guidelines and wait for my next period before ttc. However, after many wines, and a lot of tears (on my part, the grief is still bubbling below the surface) last night we dtd with no protection.
I am now starting to worry we have done something very silly. If I have ovulated and fallen pregnant (very unlikely) I feel I cannot physically or mentally go through another MC again. It's so raw.
Does anyone have any stories of ovulation/conception so soon after an MMC please? Does it happen?
If I am pregnant (highly unlikely) then it would be a blessing that I would pray to hold onto, but the thought of another blow so quickly is just too tough right now. Physically I am just recovering from the trauma of a truly horrendous ordeal.
OH and I are terrible at making sensible decisions in the contraception department!

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thatsnotmybear Mon 05-Dec-16 09:34:21

Hi op, I'm sorry for your loss & please be kind to yourself - you've done nothing wrong! The only reason you may be advised to wait for your first AF is so that they can date the next pregnancy. You'll find lots of women on these boards with experience of a healthy pg straight after mc.

BreatheDeep Mon 05-Dec-16 09:38:12

Yes, the only reason they ask you to wait is so they can date the pregnancy more accurately. The only health consideration is to wait until the bleeding stops to avoid infection.

UnoriginalNN Mon 05-Dec-16 09:43:25

I didn't wait until I had a period - not a MMC, I had a MC - we didn't plan to DTD, it just happened, and I got pregnant. I was told that it's common as you are quite fertile after a MC, but not sure how true this is. I'm sorry you're going through this, it is so hard. I was petrified of losing this pregnancy, but I only have a couple of months to go and so far so good (touchwood). Do what feels right for you and don't overthink it - getting pregnant wouldn't mean you are disregarding what has happened flowers

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