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Recurrent miscarriage

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purpleflower23 Wed 30-Nov-16 17:17:41

Hello, I'm hoping somebody might be able to share their experiences, ideas, advice with me...

I'm 31, DH 30, no DC. In the last 2 years we've had 2 miscarriages followed by an ectopic, after which we were referred to the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic at our local hospital. I had blood tests which all came back normal apart from the immunological screening which showed antinuclear antibody titre of 1:400 so the consultant suggested 75mg aspirin daily from next BFP. I've since had a BFP & took aspirin straight away but again miscarried at just before 6 weeks.

We've now both had bloods taken for cytogenetic testing (which will apparently take 8 weeks to come back) but we didn't get to see the consultant when we had the bloods taken (yesterday) and the Dr we did see wasn't really forthcoming about what exactly these tests were looking for and what could be done if they don't find anything (the consultant said the chances of them finding something are slim).

I guess I'm just wondering if anybody knows what they might be looking for and/or could suggest what our options might be? I'm new to testing, etc. and feel kind of lost and a bit hopeless. We'd potentially be able to pay for some private testing if they were able to offer us something that the NHS can't.

Thank you xx

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Miami81 Thu 01-Dec-16 06:59:17

Purple so sorry for your losses. We have just had our second miscarriage at 8 wks and i am really struggling with the idea that it is random. It feels like there must be a cause.
Unfortunately I don't have any experience of tests etc yet. I just wanted to offer some support. I hope there are other ladies who can help. It may be worthwhile checking the infertility threads also as there may be more info on tests there.
Best of luck to you. X

Miami81 Thu 01-Dec-16 07:03:24

Also purple I have ordered the Lesley regan book from Amazon. I think it gives a full list of all the tests and what they mean. Hoping it provides me with some guidance for kicking up a fuss with my doc's. Like you I am happy to pay for some tests, don't think I am strong enough to go a third time without some tests to rule out some of the basic ones.

TheDollyLlama Thu 01-Dec-16 07:19:33

Firstly, I'm sorry for your losses. My Ds & Dsil have both lost 4 babies and I understand the impact it has.

I'll be honest, the numbers etc mean nothing to me but I'll throw this out there, my sister was offered a progestogen? implant twice a day for 10? Weeks which resulted in my beautiful niece in January. I mentioned it to my SIL who also tried it and resulted in my second beautiful niece in September.

This is not a proven method, I know the doctor at my SIL recurrent miscarriage clinic wouldn't vouch for it because she couldn't prove it works but might be worth looking into x

purpleflower23 Thu 01-Dec-16 14:56:38

Thanks Miami - I've just posted on your thread too! Nice in a way to know that I'm not the only one going through this (not that I'd wish this on anyone, but you know what I mean...sometimes it feels like I'm the only one going through this)

Thank you TheDolly - I've not heard of that before but will look into it, thank you. Maybe I should make a list of things to ask the consultant about when our results come back so that she can dismiss them completely and say it's just bad luck xx

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AnneLovesGilbert Thu 01-Dec-16 16:59:04

Hi purple, so sorry for your losses. I'm 3 weeks on from my third mc, a mmc at 12+5 and erpc, following two early mcs.

We've been referred to the RMC at the hospital early Jan and we're in limbo.

DH has two DC but we don't have any together and really want to try again. I had the MMR jab this week so have to wait a month after that anyway, and haven't had af yet so also waiting for that as a small sign of things beginning to settle down.

Was your last loss at 6 weeks? It's all so painful and shit, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Mine was found at the 12 week scan, which was our first scan, and the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. The took some tissue to test during the procedure but I don't know when to expect the results or what I hope they'll find.

It's rubbish you have to wait so long for your blood test results. Hope you're doing okay. Let's keep chatting.

charlotteP1994 Tue 13-Dec-16 08:05:15

I had my first mc when I was 19 and my second at 22. I had the surgical procedure yesterday to have our baby removed and be non invasively tested on to see if our baby if our baby was forming normally.
I have a bicornuate shaped uterus (heart shaped) which can lead to recurrent mc as there isn't enough room for baby sometimes. But don't worry if you have an irregular shaped uterus, the surgeon said women with this do go on to have healthy pregnancies it's just the chances of luck and I've just had bad luck atm but I am staying positive smile

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