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Stillbirth and future pregnancy

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amyboo Fri 02-Dec-16 10:47:30

I also lost my second son to stillbirth at 36 weeks in 2012. We never found out the cause. I went on to have a 3rd boy in 2013 who was born very prematurely (30 weeks) but without any long-term effects, and also a daughter born in 2015.

I know it's very hard to imagine ever carrying a successful pregnancy after experiencing stillbirth. I just wanted to let you know that it does happen and it most likely will happen for you.

rosyvalentine Wed 30-Nov-16 00:22:03

A close friend lost a baby a few years ago due to placental abruption (then aged 35). She went on to have a successful pregnancy almost immediately afterwards with no complications. Wishing you all the very best flowers

DustyMaiden Wed 30-Nov-16 00:02:36

So sorry for your loss. I had a still birth at 37 due to placental abrubtion and my DS when I was 39.

Insanityprofanity Tue 29-Nov-16 23:55:48

Hi,sae this and didnt want to read and run.
Sending massive hugs and 💐 over to you.
I also suffered a stillbirth last year. I was in active labour and baby got stressed and died and we never knew.
Although it wasnt placental abruption,there was no other reason either. Which made us more worried for future pregnancies if we planned one.
I am now 35. I had my lil boy in march this year. Hes just 9mnths old now. I was induced early at 37wks and all went well.

I suppose i just wanted to let you know that there is always a good chanc of a good pregnancy and birth after going through something so awful and terrifying.
It wad hardand worrying and stressful but was very much worth it.
I know they say the chance of it happening again are higher once it has happened,but how we saw it was that every pregnancy is a risk you just have to fight you way through.
I wish you all the best for the future amd sorry if it didnt help much 😊💞

Deepika1606 Mon 28-Nov-16 16:17:13


I recently lost my son due to severe placenta abruption. I am 36. I am keen to know did any one have a successful pregnancy after a placenta abruption around my age? They could not find any medical reason for mine. What are the chances it will occur again? Any information will be helpful!

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