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Miscarriage - I'm the only one that's upset

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user1480099633 Fri 25-Nov-16 18:55:36

I got pregnant by accident. Although I was shocked at first I quickly came round to the idea of having another baby and was quite excited but then I suffered a miscarriage. Whilst I'm absolutely devastated by other half is doing cart wheels as he didn't want another baby. I feel as though I can't grieve for my lost baby and must pretend that everything is ok. How do I move on?

user1480238312 Sun 27-Nov-16 09:31:44

Hi there,

I can totally relate. I miscarried on Wednesday (after finding out at our scan that it was a missed miscarriage) in my first pregnancy. Even though it was a shock I had cone to terms with the pregnancy and was so excited. I felt invincible.

After miscarrying, everyone said how sorry they were for me and then just seemed to get on with their lives. It really hurts to feel that everyone else can get on with things in life as if the baby had no impact on the world when it had such a massive impact on me. My OH is sad, but is trying to be positive and is in the "we can try again as soon as possible". But I don't want to try again, I want this baby!

I think that the only thing I can say to you is you are not alone in your grief. Even if you feel like there is no one around you who feels the same there is always someone who understands the pain you are going through to a degree. And people do show their feelings differently.You will always have carried that baby, if only for a short time, and they always existed and were important to you no matter how everybody else feels💕 It can feel like a lonely time but there are always the lovely ladies on here. I know they have helped me xx

HumphreyCobblers Sun 27-Nov-16 09:45:09

I am so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. It is terribly unsetting and tragic thing to experience.

I am also sorry your DH is being so insensitive, is he really being glad about it? Apart from the loss of your baby (which is paramount for you) the physical aspects of miscarriage are very hard to bear. I am shocked he is 'doing cartwheels'.

I would stop pretended and explain exactly how you feel. You are allowed to feel grief and to be supported in that grief.

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