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The miscarriage that never ends

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DT2016 Thu 24-Nov-16 16:07:06

Hi all

I'm quite new here, but have been lurking a while now.

I will try and keep this as short as possible...but am really wondering if anyone has been through anything similar and had a positive outcome?

I had a MMC at the end of September at 11 weeks. Prior to this, I had an early scan at 6 weeks due to some spotting, which revealed that I had an area of bleed above the baby which was sitting low, heartbeat was seen. A repeat scan the following week showed baby had grown. Different sonographer this time, who thought that the area of bleed was possibly a second gestational sac where the twin never developed. I'd had no bleeding or spotting at all since 6 weeks. Another scan at 8 weeks, again baby had grown fine, bleed still there but expected to be reabsorbed.

At 10 weeks, I woke in the middle of the night covered in blood. I bled heavily for an hour, passing lots large clots, nearly passing out on bathroom floor and ended up in A&E. Amazingly, after a scan the next day, baby was still there and appeared to be doing fine. However, lots more clots in my uterus were seen.

Two days later, the same thing happened in the middle of the night. Again, scan the next day showed our baby kicking his/her little legs and doing fine. However, I was not doing so great. Severely anaemic after the blood loss and feeling like death. The hospital put me on iron tablets. My levels were 7.9.

The following day after the scan, I tried to find my baby's heartbeat with our home doppler (had been able to find it easily every time since 10 weeks exactly). No sign of the heartbeat. I booked a private scan for the following morning and it was there that we found out our baby's heart was no longer beating sad

I had an SMM (surgical management of miscarriage) 5 days later as I did not have the physical strength to deal with the bleeding with a natural or medical miscarriage.

After the SMM, I continued to bleed, not heavily but consistently. I had a course of antibiotics, but eventually got sent back to hospital for rescan and it showed lots of retained products. I had a second SMM exactly 3 weeks after the first on 20 October. I am still bleeding sad

I have been bleeding now for 8 weeks since my first SMM. I've had 3 courses of antiobiotics. I am still occasionally passing large clots (golf ball size). I am due to see my GP again on Monday next week and will be asking her to refer me back to the hospital. This just can't be right.

My BBT is still raised (98.5 this morning). Negative pregnancy tests.

I feel like I'm stuck in the past and we can't move forward as we're still dealing with the physical side of an awful miscarriage that happened 2 months ago. We're desperate to try again, but no sign of my cycle returning any time soon.

Sorry for rambling on for so long. Well done if you're still reading! I think I needed to get this down. I sincerely hope no other poor soul has been through this, but if anyone has any positive stories or suggestions, I would love to hear them! So far, 3 member of my close family have asked me if I'm going to have to have a hysterectomy angry Not helpful at all!!

emsler Thu 24-Nov-16 16:19:10

What a horrible ordeal you've been through, I'm so sorry to hear this. I can't offer any advice but I hope you manage to get some proper help and are feeling better soon x

DT2016 Sun 27-Nov-16 07:49:36

Thanks Emsler xx

So, things took a turn for the worst yesterday. I started bleeding very heavily, ended up having to go to a&e. They admitted me and I've been in hospital overnight with iv meds to stop bleeding.

Dr's say it's uterine dysfunction due to my hormones being all over the place. Seems like I will be on meds to stop bleeding together with progesterone for a few weeks sad Then more meds to try and kickstart my cycle into life again.

This has been the worst and scariest few weeks of my life. I'm 39 now and it seems the dream to have another baby is slipping away.

tiggykate Sun 27-Nov-16 18:37:32

I'm sorry to hear that you've had to go through all of this. I just wanted to let you know that I also ended up in A and E after my miscarriage due to very heavy bleeding (after 2 months of constant bleeding following miscarriage). I got put on tranexamic acid and norethisterone to stop the bleeding. Once I stopped the tablets I had no more bleeding - I actually got a bfp that month. It turned out to be a chemical pregnancy/very early miscarriage but at least my cycle is now sorted and the bfp is proof that I ovulated.

Fingers crossed you can draw a line under this very soon and move on.

DT2016 Sun 27-Nov-16 18:59:52

Hi Tiggy
Thanks so much for posting and so sorry for you loss. The meds that you were given is what I've got too so hearing your story gives me hope that at some point in the not too distant future I may actually stop bleeding and see my cycle again!
Did you still have a small amount of bleeding for a couple of days after starting the meds? X

tiggykate Sun 27-Nov-16 19:30:34

Yes - I think it took 2-3 days for the bleeding to completely stop. (I also felt like I was coming down with the flu - my sinuses were terrible but I realised it was a side effect of the drugs). Then when I came off the meds I had a small amount of bleeding for a couple of days - much less than a period. I then ovulated 14 days later. x

DT2016 Mon 28-Nov-16 07:05:25

Tiggy thanks for sharing your experience. It's good to hear a positive outcome. I have very blocked sinuses too and sneezing loads. Assumed I was coming down with a cold but guess it's the meds as you say, as it started after I'd had the iv tranexamic acid. I really hope my experience is like yours, this has gone on long enough!!

DT2016 Mon 05-Dec-16 10:13:08

Update: Had another massive bleed on Saturday evening and ended up back in a&e where they admitted me to hospital, exactly a week after my last episode of massive bleeding. The tranexamic acid and norethisterone I was put on last week have done nothing to stop the bleeding.

I'm back on an increased dose of tranexamic acid and they plan to give me a zoladex injection this morning in the hopes this finally stops the bleeding for a month and will then restart my normal cycle. I am also being referred for a hysterectomy within the next couple of weeks.

I am very anxious about all the hormone medications I am being given, but have little choice. This bleeding really needs to stop.

My rainbow baby is a very long way off sad

TheLegendOfBeans Mon 05-Dec-16 10:18:45

My darling, I have nothing helpful to add except you have kept your head through an absolutely awful time. I had a mc in Aug at 11weeks and it resulted in astonishing blood loss then a surgical conclusion. My bleeding went away approx 10 days after.

That doesn't help you but the reason I'm here is to say when you have your head together a wee bit more come onto the TTC after miscarriage thread (#6). We are a friendly bunch and have had a mix of experiences. Lots of us on there have a DC already and are looking to try and overcome adversity to get to having DC2.

We are here if you need us, as I think that's what MN is meant to be about x

TheLegendOfBeans Mon 05-Dec-16 10:19:19

Here we are when you are ready

DT2016 Mon 05-Dec-16 10:46:42

I meant to say hysteroscopy not hysterectomy!! Omg what a terrible predictive text mistake to make shock

Thank you Legend for your kind words. I really hope to join you lovely ladies on the TTC after miscarriage thread soon. I have to try and stay hopeful. I just can't believe my body is screwing me over like this. I'm normally fit and healthy and have a strong body. Guess I was wrong.

Angelbabiesimissyou Fri 03-Nov-17 08:03:24

I don't know if you are still watching this post, i had my 8th loss (4th mmc) and had surgical management on 18th august, i bled for 9 and half weeks constantly, a few hemorrhages, hcg has only recently become negative. I have a uterine AVM at first though it was retained products but they wouldn't operate because of the risks with having an AVM (which are potentially life threatening). I'm on progesterone to stop bleeding which has worked now for over a week and ive just completed my 5th or 6th course of antibiotics, i have lost track..

DT2016 Sat 23-Dec-17 07:53:21

Hi @Angelbabiesimissyou

I'm so sorry, I've only just seen your post. Really sorry to hear what you've been going through. I do hope you are much better now and well on the road to recovery. The bleeding is terrifying sad

My story got worse after my last post, I was back in hospital the following week haemorrhaging. Eventually they re-scanned me and then did emergency MRI, during which I started haemorrhaging again. It got very serious and I really thought I was going to die. I was blue lighted to a different hospital, had emergency surgery and 6 life saving blood transfusions. It was very, very scary.

A year on, we are still ttc. I had an early mc in October which was heartbreaking after the misery we have been through.

I hope 2018 brings us both health, happiness and rainbow babies x

RandomUser23 Wed 27-Dec-17 00:56:55

So sorry to read what you’ve been through op fingers crossed 2018 is your year

DT2016 Thu 28-Dec-17 21:47:05

Thank you for your kind words @RandomUser23 Wishing you a happy 2018 too x

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