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Placenta Abruption

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Deepika1606 Mon 14-Nov-16 23:01:14

Hi - I am 36 and recently lost my son due to severe placenta abruption. They could not find any medical reason. I wanted to know did anyone around my age had a placental abruption without any medical reason and then went on to have healthy baby in the subsequent pregnancy . Any information would be helpful!

phoebe2016 Fri 09-Dec-16 13:00:46

I don't have any experience of placental abbruption, but couldn't pass by without saying that i am so sorry to hear abour your loss.

MrsFitzherbertsGoat Fri 09-Dec-16 13:14:53

Yes, aged 31 at 34 weeks. Serious abruption but was in hospital when it happened and fortunately / miraculously survived. It was also a concealed abruption so not diagnosed promptly as I wasn't bleeding at first. Am so sorry you lost your son.

Had another child 2 years' later. No complications but I did have an elective CS at 36 weeks to reduce the risk. I wasn't happy going to term, particularly with the delayed diagnosis of my abruption - I wasn't confident doctors would act quickly enough if it happened again.

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