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Weird cycles after miscarriage - anyone else?

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Willow611 Sat 12-Nov-16 10:25:26


Just hoping I might find some others with experiences they can share to help me shed light on what on earth my body is up to! I had a MC in August. Normally my cycle is not like clockwork, but consistently between 23 and 27 days long. Post MC I had one normal seeming period, but then next time around I started bleeding VERY lightly on day 22, this went on for three days before a proper period arrived day 25. This month, I had not a peep of anything until day 29 (cue disappointing POAS day 28). Day 29, started the very light bleed again which is still going on. I assume it will be like last time and period-proper will eventually arrive, just very late.

I was hoping to hear from anyone else who has had cycles of different durations or patterns post-MC, as I'm just not sure what to expect. Did you eventually go back to 'normal', and/or manage to get pregnant again despite the weird goings-on? Thank you so much to anyone who can share their story!

Thingymaboob Sat 12-Nov-16 11:50:45

My MC was 3 weeks ago & i haven't had a period yet, though I'm sure it's a little early.
Make appointment with GP, would be my advice.

Endmoor1405 Sat 12-Nov-16 19:37:48

I'm not quite far enough on to say if things have settled, but since my mmc in July I have had a 23 day cycle, a 28 day and a 32 day. I have noticed that they are decreasing in bleed length though. First one was like the mc all over (after several days of pink/brown spotting), second was only maybe 2-3 days of spotting and about a normal length bleed but heavier and now this one has only a day of spotting and seems to be tapering now at 4 days of moderate bleeding. I can't say I know my usual cycle length though as I fell pregnant the first month after having my coil out to TTC no. 1.

I think I'm just going to take it as it comes and hope things settle into a better pattern. Me and my OH have decided not to try again until after our wedding next year so I guess the pressure is off for us.

I would give it a little longer and maybe track your ovulation? I have been doing that just so that I get a good idea of when I do what for future cycles. In my head the GP probably wouldn't do a lot anyway for a little while yet so I just have to get on with it- and in your case lots of DTD! X

Scrowy Sat 12-Nov-16 19:46:01

Yeah mine were really weird for the couple of months afterwards. Then I had a really odd one, heavy with lots of weird dry clots.

Turned out it must have been a week long implantation bleed as 8 weeks later at what I thought was an early 7- 8 week reassurance scan I found out I was already nearly 12 weeks pregnant grin

Willow611 Sun 13-Nov-16 13:23:44

Thanks guys! Really useful to hear your experiences. I think I will start tracking ovulation which I've never done before as similarly conceived first time around with No 1. I think I used up all my luck in one go! I may also see GP as just want to check it doesn't mean anything significant, but sounds like it probs just normal settling down. Period arrived today so like you Endmoor seems the spotting bit is getting shorter.

Congrats on your pregnancy Scrowy and best of luck all for next time around xx

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