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Feeling empty and alone

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somethingfromnothing Thu 10-Nov-16 00:26:54

I should've had my scan today. We should've been telling our little girl that she was going to be a big sister. Instead my heart is broken and I feel so empty. I had a mmc at 8ish weeks and had surgery 3 weeks ago.The third pregnancy we have lost in 15 months. I went back to work. I thought I could handle this but I'm falling apart.

JulyLady7 Thu 10-Nov-16 14:53:34

I'm so sorry something, I was supposed to be going for my scan today too and also had a mmc. Found out last week Wednesday that bub had stopped growing at 8 + 4. Truly heartbreaking. My second mc in 6 months.
Since its your third, are you getting referred to recurrent miscarriage clinic? Have you had any tests yet from your GP? I hope you have good support in real life. I'm so, so sorry. sad

winterblue Thu 10-Nov-16 14:54:34

So sorry for your loss something

somethingfromnothing Thu 10-Nov-16 18:13:05

Thanks. I'm not getting referred for tests because the first one was ectopic so I was told that I would need to have another mc as the ectopic 'didn't count' angry I'm so sorry you are going through this too july some days I feel okay and others it just hits me like a brick.

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