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second opinion or am i impatient?

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faysieb Thu 03-Nov-16 22:50:35

Hi All,

So I couldn't sleep last night and as ever I lay awake and think about my predicament and all the things I should do, and I ended up toying with the idea of getting a second opinion on my miscarriages.

So bit of back story
1st miscarriage Jan 2015 MMC 12 weeks baby died at 9 weeks - ERPC
2nd miscarriage Oct 2015 MMC 10 weeks baby dies at 8 weeks - ERPC

Felt I needed answers so paid privately to go and see someone and have some tests (wont say who but mentioned on here and highly respected).

My Lupus Test came back positive and they discovered scarring (asherman's syndrome) so had hysteroscopy and hormone Treatment Feb - Apr 2016. Second and third lupus tests came back as negative.

3rd Chemical Pregnancy - June 2016 got to 6 weeks.

So now under RMC but same consultant and had my appointments and told to just keeping trying and they'll see me when I'm pregnant.

I just can't help thinking that I need to be doing something different to get a different result! I've read on here a few people being advised to take progesterone and baby aspirin etc. just in case and this would make me feel like I had more of a chance but consultant said there's no need to. Do they do any harm?
I also haven't had any genetics or natural killer cells testing and my consultant doesn't offer this and so I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion from some else and get the further tests done?

I like our consultant and feel like I'm going behind his back a bit but also i really feel like i need to do something! (aside from the usual)

So your help please ladies - do I get a second opinion or try and be more patient!

Thanks in advance

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