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C section scar ectopic pregnancy

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Dawsie85 Thu 20-Oct-16 19:41:22

Hi ladies, looking for some advice and possibly similar stories if possible. I was diagnosed with a scar ectopic pregnancy last week (was 10 weeks) sac was embedded in my c section scar. I came into hospital two days later to have a d&c and a laparoscopy via keyhole to take a closer look and that's when they found the sac in my scar, they took it away and I bleed a lot so a ballon was inserted next to my womb to stop the bleeding. I ended up staying in hospital for 3 days. They didn't expect my procedure to be as invasive as it was, I have a follow up scan next week to check all is fine now. I just wanted to speak to other ladies with similar experiences as from what I've read this type of ectopic is fairly rare. Also was anyone told of a time frame when you can ttc again. I'm no where ready for that right now I just wanted to know for the future. Very scared of this happening again but they did say I will have a early scan next time to monitor me. Thanks for reading Xx

lolacola1977 Sat 04-Feb-17 08:02:37


So sorry for your loss. You must have been diagnosed with this at almost exactly the same time as are you now? I had to go in for repeat surgery a couple of weeks ago as they didn't get everything out first time, was pretty horrible...still bleeding a bit now so just waiting to see where we are now and that they got everything.

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