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Questions to ask during 1st specialist appointment?

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bumblebumbling Sat 15-Oct-16 23:20:54

I've had 5 back to back miscarriages with no living children.
I've got a consultant appointment on the 10th November.

What questions should I ask? I want to be fully prepared for this appointment.

MommaGee Sun 16-Oct-16 00:58:17

Firstly I'm so sorry for your losses. I really hope this appt can give you some answers.

I suppose the main thing is to ask if they know why - do you miscarry at similar points in the pregnancy? Have they carried out an genetic tests of your babies or yourselves to identify any issues?

What can they do for you assuming you want to try for a 6th pregnancy - based in previous question. Is there anything they can give you or anything that can be differently to try to get you through the pregnancy successfully?

Good luck x

PoppyPicklesPenguin Sun 16-Oct-16 01:27:47

I am under a miscarriage clinic, I had three when I first went to see them and have had a further three since then, i also have had no live births, have two lovely DC im a step mum to DP is the RP but I desperately want my own child - it is such a lonely place to be and I'm so sorry to hear you have had so many, it just doesn't ever get any easier. I just have to keep telling myself it will happen.

I was a bit thrown on my first appointment as there was a group of three, they asked me lots of questions and then sent me for loads of blood tests, prescribed progesterone to use as soon as I get a BFP and scans. They also said it is highly likely they would not find anything wrong, they haven't. I was offered counselling and to be honest this has been the most helpful thing they have done so far, it has pretty much saved my sanity. If not offered and you think it's something to try ask as it really has helped me and I wasn't convinced at first.

I have been reading a book called "is my body baby friendly" I would recommend it, it has given me lots of guidance on what I can do (it also helps me to think I'm doing something) it has raised a long list of questions.

Your questions will be very personal to you, my original ones were all about why and what they could do and the answer is mostly just tests from the appointment - it's not a quick process at all. I'm due to go back for a review next month and I have many more questions now I've read the book.

I really hope you get some answers and that it happens for you, it is heartbreaking when it happens so often. I feel like the innocence of pregnancy has disappeared but I have to keep hopeful it will happen it's just a different journey.

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