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Trying again

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DrRBannerx Wed 12-Oct-16 13:25:32

I found out on September 29th that my baby had no heartbeat. I was 11w 4d and we are absolutely devastated. No bleeding, no pain.. I just knew something wasn't right. I decided to naturally pass my baby and that happened last Tuesday (October 4th) and I'm so glad I chose naturally as I wanted to have the chance to birth my baby. This is my second miscarriage, my first was early at 5 weeks and that was four years ago. I am now 24, slightly chubby (size 14 clothes, 5"6) I have one child who is 5 in February, I suffer from pcos also. I find it so hard to fall pregnant and now I guess I'm just after advice on how to fall pregnant again. I've stopped bleeding and we are trying again. I'm worried I will have another miscarriage as this is two in a row for me, I am eating healthy and cutting out rubbish, I'm on the move more. Does anyone have any advice?I have the doctors on Monday for another internal scan, Thank you.

2angelbabiesupabove Wed 12-Oct-16 14:38:36

sorry for ur loss ask ur doctor to send u to a gynaecologist they will start the process of tests and discuss treatments that r available to u....i have went thru the same myself only my gynaecologist told me i needed to lose more weight 3 stone he wanted me to lose an i did an now hes telling me i need lose another 2 stone but personally myself i dont think i do i have never been this skinny i my life but yet doctors think they know best half the time but i know my own advice to u is to see a gynaecologist an see what happens from there....hope all goes to plan for u 😊

DrRBannerx Wed 12-Oct-16 18:03:16

Thank you, I have an appointment on the gynecology unit Monday. Any ideas what questions to ask as they're only doing a scan and I don't know if they're looking into why I've had two losses in a row x

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