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6 week m/c. What to expect to pass?

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MuMummy96 Tue 04-Oct-16 02:30:49

Hi, I found out 16 Sept that I had a missed miscarriage. Baby stopped developing around 6wk, I'd of been around 8wk when I found out. Was left for just under 2 weeks before confirmation there was no development even though I had bleeding and cramps and on 28 September I got my first set of medical management tablets to clear the uterus, this didn't work and again on 30 September I got my 2nd round. By 10pm that night my bleeding became constant, as if a tap was left on and passed extremely big clots. I was kept in over night and on 1 October was told the sac had not yet passed. Was told to return in 4 days (will be going on 5 October) for another scan to see if it's passed as I was left to try pass naturally. I need to some advice as my bleeding went from a light period but a dark red/brown blood to a more medium/light heavy flow with more bright red blood with a sticky discharge. This is my first m/c so I don't know if the sac will pass as a hard tissue like some women experience or different as it's an early pregnancy m/c. My cramps are worse and I feel as if there is a pressure down there as if I need to pass somethingsad any advice would be great! Thx

Ilikesweetpeas Tue 04-Oct-16 03:59:29

I'm sorry that you're experiencing this. For me at this stage of pregnancy my miscarriage was not hard tissue but a large soft clot which was painful to pass. I hope that physically you feel better soon but please try to rest and not do to much. This is so emotionally draining flowers

MuMummy96 Tue 04-Oct-16 07:55:29

On Friday night I passed 4 or 5 large clots and it was so painful passing them but my sac was still there! I just hope to pass naturally rather than opting for d+c! Resting as much as I can, thank you!flowers and so sorry to hear of your loss alsflowers

Ilikesweetpeas Tue 04-Oct-16 21:12:59

I hope that your day has gone as well as it can flowers

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