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Missed MC or Very Early Pregancy...

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TheRadiantAerynSun Tue 27-Sep-16 17:32:53

Hi. Thank you. Well, I started pouring with blood today so it looks like it's not going to be ok after all.

I'm on a business trip so I just have to tough it out (very stupid I know, but nothing I can do.) I just want to go home.

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rachelzwor1d Tue 27-Sep-16 11:54:47

Hi TheRadiant

Sorry to hear that . It's awful waiting . I had slight cramping but no blood , I had my first scan which showed a sac dating 3/4 weeks but I should have been 6 weeks plus so I went for another two weeks later and nothing had changed and no heartbeat so it was obvious . It was awful . Anyway I've finally stopped bleeding yesterday (after four /5 weeks ) so I haven't a clue when my fertile period will be or even my actual period . So we're trying again now ! It's so stressful , let me know how you go on x

onecrazycook Mon 26-Sep-16 19:30:08

Hi TheRadiant,

I'm in a similar situation. I thought I was 10 weeks and have started bleeding. I went today for a scan which showed an empty sac. The sonography says she can see something at the edge which might be a yolk sac but that would make me 4weeks and my BFP date makes that impossible.

I also need another scan next week to be sure but I'm certain, and the hospital are 99.99% sure, that I've miscarried

I'm hating that 0.01% right now

rachelzwor1d Mon 26-Sep-16 11:54:31

Hi there , I'm new to mumsnet so bare with me if I'm doing anything wrong . I just feel I need to get things out on here as Don't seem to get anywhere with gp and hospital 😡. I just wanted to share my experience , I have two children from a previous relationship and me and my new partner really want a child together . My partner has no children .We have been ttc now for 6 months . To my surprise I did a pregnancy test beginning of July 2016 which said 2/3 pregnant . I had a missed period and felt really sick and tired . Having been pregnant before I knew the signs . I was shocked but really excited but after 3 weeks had gone by my sickness had gone along with my other symptoms so I just kinda knew I had lost it .
Anyway I had a scan at EPU which confirmed a sac , feutol pole but no heartbeat , which I should have had as I estimated around 6 weeks preg. This was diagnosed as a missed miscarriage . I was given the choice of a DC or medical management so I went for the medical .
I had the pessaries inserted on the 20th August and went home . No bleeding so I was told to go back a week later for more . I did and the bleeding began , heavy with large clots 😔 I was devastated . This went on for 3 more weeks . Then slightly tailored off . I stopped for a few days then started heavy again with more clots . I don't know if this is my period or the rest of it coming away ? I have had sex while bleeding too so I'm worried if it's a infection or what ? I've gone two days now with no bleeding apart from when I have sex . Anyone help or had this before ? I rang the hospital to ask for another scan to see if it's all cleared or if I have a infection but they said if the pregnancy test was negative then no need to go back 😔.. We just want to ttc again now as its been weeks ! But every time we try , there's is blood ? Xx

MaisyL68 Sun 25-Sep-16 21:23:18

I was told some heartbeats arnt fully there at 6 weeks so very hard to detect! I would try not to think to much stay relaxed and keep eatting well ect, it might be abit late with its heartbeat. Don't worry! Positive thoughts xx

TheRadiantAerynSun Sun 25-Sep-16 18:46:46

Don't really know what I'm after here, maybe just a chance to write it all down.

We've been TTC for about 12 months in a 'DTD lots and see what happens' kind of way. I have a long, irregular cycle and it took 4 years to conceive DS using the same method.

So I was somewhat surprised to get a faint positive test about 3 weeks ago. Got a much stronger line a week later. Don't know why I decided to test, I was still within the 'normal' 20-50 days of my cycle, but I just... felt like I should. Y'know?

From my last period I'm 9 weeks, but I've been having light bleeding almost constantly for about 3 weeks.

This morning I went for an early pregnancy scan due to the bleeding and uncertain dates. The scan showed a pregnancy sac and pole at about 6 weeks. No heartbeat.

It seems that either my dates are much screwier than I thought (very possible) or the pregnancy stopped developing at 6 weeks and my body hasn't caught up with that yet (also very possible.)

Have to wait two weeks for another scan to confirm and I'm dreading it; both the scan and the wait.

Has anyone had similar and it gone on to be ok? I really, really want it to be ok!

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