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Miscarriage advice

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Fergie24 Sat 24-Sep-16 22:26:32


I started getting back ache on Tuesday which became quite painful. On Wednesday I started spotting brown blood and on Thursday it turned red with painful cramps lower down in my stomach. These were moderate cramps but some were quite painful. I went to a&e yesterday and they refered me to the early pregnancy unit today for a scan.

The scan showed nothing apart from free fluid on my right ovary and when she touched that area with the internal thing they use it felt like a sharp scratching? After the scan in went to the toilet and their was 2 smallish red clots. Their had also been stringy red stiff previously.

They are saying it could be eptopic or a miscarriage which is what I thought.

The pains have settled right down this afternoon and the bleeding seems to be getting less but it's still their every time I go to the toilet.

Does this sound eptopic to anyone? Im so worried as this never even crossed my mind. Surely my pain wouldn't decrease?

Fergie24 Sat 24-Sep-16 22:28:31

Forgot to ask why would their be fluid on my ovary? She said it was somewhere else as well but I forgot the name of it, it was a strange name?

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