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You keep going but it still hurts

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Newstart123 Sat 24-Sep-16 21:01:51

My son Sam was stillborn at 39 weeks last October. I had to terminate my 14 week pregnancy because of Acrania earlier this year. I do well and go to work, I've had counselling but sometimes it just hurts......... I miss being niaive. I miss my babies. Nobody can tell what's going on under the surface. Love to all of you that understand x

movingforwardagain Sat 24-Sep-16 22:56:39

I understand OP, we have followed very similar paths. You do keep going, you have to keep the hope that our dreams will come true X

Newstart123 Sat 24-Sep-16 23:08:10

Thanks. I shouldn't be indulging in self pity as I am lucky enough to have a five year old. It still hurts though x

Blueroses99 Sun 25-Sep-16 15:55:02

I understand too. I lost my son at 21wks in July. The pain is immense.

gingerbreadmanm Sun 25-Sep-16 16:10:02

similar situation here too. first pregnancy ended in mmc finally being complete at 14 weeks. second pregnancy ds was stillborn at 27weeks. it's torture. i sometimes wonder whats worse, what we have lost or what if it never happens.

you have to just keep on keeping on tho. thats what i tell myself every day.

if one person in rl had any idea what i felt like im sure it would be an easier path to walk but in the same breath i would never wish this loss and pain on anyone.

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