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Retained Products after ERPC/D&C

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HighHopes16 Fri 23-Sep-16 16:09:07

I had an ERPC/D&C in July after a scan showed I had miscarried. 10 weeks later with no AF I was offered a follow up scan which showed my womb lining was thickened meaning I could have retained products.
My GP has referred me for an urgent appointment with a gynaecologist due to the risk of infection and scarring which I'm still waiting for but in the mean time I am bleeding and having stomach cramps.

Has anyone had this before? Should I just continue waiting for my appointment (it's been 2 weeks now) or call EPU/111 if the pain worsens?

I really don't want to have another ERPC as it was so traumatic last time but I just want this to be over so we can start TTC again!

jinglebellmel Wed 05-Oct-16 14:47:14

Hi hopes, so sorry for your loss. If I were you I'd give the epu a call, they may prescribe antibiotics as a precaution or offer you another scan to check for retained products.

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