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Need help with repeat early miscarriages

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fuzzywuzzy Tue 20-Sep-16 13:23:25

I've so far had five consecutive miscarriages over two years.

Four chemical pregnancies that ended at five weeks and a MMC that was discovered at an early scan at ten weeks, baby had died seven & a half weeks.

So I've recently got a BFP. I'm just short of four weeks. I have 26 day cycles, hence why I tested I have missed a period.

However yesterday at work I had light brown spotting when I wiped. There's been a small amount of spotting since. No actual full on bleed yet.
My precursor to miscarriage has been spotting previously. I'm on pins waiting to find out one way or another what's going to happen.

I have a scan booked for six weeks, but there's nothing anyone can do till then.

After my last miscarriage I was referred for investigation. However the consultant just did one test to check for a blood clotting disorder, which I did not have and nothing further was said.

Does anyone know if I can ask for referrals for other tests? If so what kind of tests.

I feel so hopeless and utterly heartbroken. And completely lost. Because I don't have the first possible disorder nobody has made any suggestions for further tests.

There has to be a reason this keeps happening surely.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Bonbonelperro Tue 20-Sep-16 13:31:47

Hi fuzzy, I'm really sorry for losses. I have had three so far, two at 5 weeks and one discovered at a scan at 9 weeks which had died at 7 weeks, so similar situation to you. As well as going to the recurrent miscarriage clinic at my local hospital which I predict will be a similar experience to you, I plan to go to the implantation clinic at Coventry. Have you heard about that? It is so difficult isn't it not knowing why it is happening, and knowing we might not be able to find out. Sorry if this is not helping, just wanted to send moral support to you really. I really hope this time works out for you.

fuzzywuzzy Tue 20-Sep-16 13:40:17

Hi Bonbon, I'm really sorry you're also going thro this.

I've not heard the implantation clinic. Do you have any more information please?

I'm in London, but given the trauma of repeated miscarriage I'm willing to try anything right now.

Bonbonelperro Tue 20-Sep-16 15:06:18

If you google Coventry implantation clinic you should be able to find the PDF which gives details. They don't do a full range of tests but do give you a full consultation on your history, then they look at your uterus lining and take a biopsy of it to test for the levels of immune cells - their theory is if you have high levels then it may be interfering with implantation. You can self refer as it is part of an nhs research project and you pay £360 (I think). I am planning to go next month, it is a bit of a hassle travelling to it but is much more affordable than private clinics. Also even if they don't find high immune cells I think they will prescribe some other potentially useful things for your next pregnancy e.g. Progesterone and maybe blood thinners? I don't know about you but I just feel like burying my head in the sand and hoping this problem goes away, although not sure how many more miscarriages I can handle. Hope you're okay.

fuzzywuzzy Tue 20-Sep-16 16:11:58

Thank you Bonbon, I'm feeling the same about each loss.

A part of me just wants to stop ttc. I can't face another mc. Never felt so sad in my life.

ozmund Tue 20-Sep-16 20:13:18

Hi Fuzzy
I'm sorry to hear of your losses and your concerns over this pregnancy.
I managed to have tests at the RMC after 2 miscarriages because of my age (41), otherwise I think the general guidelines are to wait til 3. I think you can request referral by your doctor if under 40 but up to their discretion.

The tests I have had so far included blood tests for various clotting issues, Lupus, Coeliac, Vitamin D, anticardiolipin, hormone levels (FSH, LH, Oestradiol) and an ultrasound screen for abnormalities in the womb and to check ovaries. The doctor did also mention the tests at Coventry which I didn't progress at the time as I was pregnant at the time, however following another mc I will definitely be pursuing them. I have also asked for karyotyping of the embryo, but think that they will only do this for your third (although again, you could request?).

If you cant get referred it may be worth asking your doctor to have some of the bloods done - as you can get some done via GP as part of infertility investigations.

Really sorry you are going through this

Castleonacloud Tue 20-Sep-16 20:21:55

Hi OP,

Really sorry you're going through this. I had 2 MMCs, when I fell pregnant for the 3rd time I was given aspirin, and high dose of folic acid. There was also a BEP (bleeding in early pregnancy unit) or early pregnancy unit at the hospital, I went there as I was spotting, they scanned me (internally) every one - two weeks from 5 weeks as ai was worried/had spotting.

I bled a lot through my pregnancy, it happens sometimes, but I was monitored closely.

I'd make an appt with your midwife asap, get yourself to an early pregnancy unit, and speak to the midwives there, they'll scan you, and check you over, give you aspirin and whatever else you need.

Good luck with everything, try not to worry xx

fuzzywuzzy Tue 20-Sep-16 20:27:19

Hi Ozmund, I'm so sorry for your losses.

Thank you so much for that list of tests, I've got a GP appt in a couple of weeks, I'm going to make a list of tests from your post and discuss them with my GP.

I'm late thirties and I think five (so far) miscarriages should be enough to get a referral, I've also been googling like crazy and I'm going to see if I can get a referral to the Tommy's early miscarriage centre in London.

I feel so hopeless, my last missed miscarriage the hospital too tissue samples to do tests, and even genetic testing and I've not heard anything about the results. I chased my GP who told me to chase the hospital as they had not referred me for the tests and the hospital told me to speak to my GP.

On top of a horrendous miscarriage I finally gave up. But I feel l should be given the test results. I'm going to chase it up again tomorrow they should have the results after four months!

fuzzywuzzy Tue 20-Sep-16 20:31:09

Hi Castle, thank you for replying.

I don't yet have a midwife. Where I live we first have to make an appt with a GP who then referred to a midwife, they don't see you till about eight weeks down our way. I'm only four weeks.

I know my local EPAU will not scan me till I'm six weeks. I just have to sit tight I suppose. And hope for the best.

Thank you everyone being kind enough to share your experience and offer advice. I was feeling so bereft and lost.

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