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Worried about second miscarriage

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Suzie2287 Mon 12-Sep-16 08:00:30

Morning all,

I'm worried that I'm having another miscarriage. On Saturday, I had a small bit of pink/brown when I wiped but nothing since. And I also had some mild period like pain which has now subsided.

My worry is, that this morning I no longer have sore boobs which I have up until now. I am only 6 weeks and 6 days, so I feel like I shouldn't be losing my symptoms.

This is exactly how my previous miscarriage started. Has anyone had the same sort of thing happen but still have a viable pregnancy?

I am worried sick. My miscarriage was the worst thing that ever happened and the thought that I'm having another one is killing me.

smellsofelderberries Thu 15-Sep-16 02:38:33

Hi, have you been to the GP to ask for an EPU referral?

I know exactly how you feel. I fell pregnant second cycle after a miscarriage and this pregnancy started just the same as the one I lost. Brown/red discharge which then progressed to bleeding. Everything was absolutely fine though, and I'm now almost 32 weeks in a pregnancy that has been completely normal since about 12 weeks. It really doesn't mean the worst (I actually had a massive bleed in this pregnancy which I didn't have in my last so was sure it was all over! Complete shock when we went to our follow up scan 5 days after the bleed to see an embryo measuring perfectly for dates with a little heartbeat!)

Try and get to have a scan and go from there. Good luck flowers

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