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Advice re medical management (pills?) - 6 days of bleeding but still no mc

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Dustpan Sat 10-Sep-16 12:44:22

Hi all, please can anyone offer advice / experience of medical options (I think it's pills??) for inducing mc?

I started to bleed 6 days ago at 7w, I'm 100% sure of my dates, but scan showed a 5wk size sac with no foetus, no heartbeat. Was booked for another scan in a week but advised mc likely before then.

I've had 6 days of slow but steady bleeding, heavier than a period, only 1 blood clot so far. Backache, cramps, huge tiredness & lightheadedness, but still no heavy bleeding. I'm worn down from the waiting & trying to think how best to get thru next week with DS. Am considering asking for scan on Mon & asking for medical help.

I already have damage to my cervix so nervous of idea of D&C in case it causes any more scarring or problems. Don't know if this is a real consideration or just my fear.

I'm v emotional & starting to feel desperate from the waiting.

Has anyone ever taken the pills? Do they work & what is the process please? With my first labour I had 2 failed inductions so am nervous in case it's a similar process.

Thanks in advance

shinebright14 Sat 10-Sep-16 14:00:23

Hi Hun I'm sorry you're going through this.
I had a mmc in April and after waiting for 2weeks to see if I miscarry natural but nothing happened i had 4 small tables inserted vaginally and a tampon to keep the tables in.3 hours later I began to miscarry I passed a LOT of clots and the sac.

Dustpan Sat 10-Sep-16 14:32:01

Thank you shine bright - had you already started bleeding in the two weeks waiting? And did you stay in hospital for the tablets or go home? Thanks v much

shinebright14 Sat 10-Sep-16 14:55:56

No Hun I bled for like an hour and it all stopped for 2weeks. I went home after the tablets were inserted.

I'm currently have a second mc and I passed everything in a day so I would advise you to go back to EPU and talk to them 6days seems like long time to bleed and not pass anything I would worry about blood loss.

shinebright14 Sat 10-Sep-16 14:56:26

No Hun I bled for like an hour and it all stopped for 2weeks. I went home after the tablets were inserted.

I'm currently have second mc and I passed everything in a day so I would advise you to go back to EPU and talk to them 6days seems like long time to bleed and not pass anything I would worry about blood loss.

Dustpan Sat 10-Sep-16 16:50:19

Thanks v much and I'm so sorry to hear you are having another mc, that is really hard and I hope you are taking good care of yourself. I'm booked in for another scan on weds. Thanks again

Dustpan Sat 10-Sep-16 19:56:00

Bumping in case any others have thoughts to add thanks in advance

shinebright14 Wed 14-Sep-16 15:47:13

Hi dustpan how did the scan appointment go?

Dustpan Sat 17-Sep-16 13:13:06

Hi shinebright sorry I've only just seen this as my thread history seems to have disappeared.

Second scan showed I've had incomplete miscarriage. Empty sac still there but getting smaller. I've now stopped bleeding altogether & EPAU consultant said I should wait another 2 weeks for it to complete naturally. She said surgery is not an option for me, I don't know why.

I'm at a loss to know what to do. It's now been 13 days since I started to miscarry but bleeding has dried up. All I can do is wait but I'm worried what will happen if my body doesn't pass the rest of it naturally.

sparksalot Wed 21-Sep-16 11:06:50

Hello everyone.

I gope you dont mind me joing in. Im currently sitting on a hospital bed after having tablets for a missed mc.
I'm so scared dh is with me but im petrified. Went for a scan on Monday at what should have been 10 weeks due to some very light spotting to be told baby stopped growing at 7ish weeks. No hearbeat so was offered medical or surgical. I was in a daze so went for medical. Wish I'd opted for surgical now. So very sad about the whole thing sad

TurquoiseDress Wed 21-Sep-16 11:43:33

Hi Dustpan

Sorry to hear that you're going through all this- it's shit isn't it?

I had a missed miscarriage back in the summer at nearly 13 weeks- gutted as I was feeling some relief to practically be through the first trimester, then the scan showed everything had gone wrong.

Had medical management- started bleeding on the day of my dating scan, that was the first sign anything was wrong.

Took the pessaries around 5 days later, during this time I bled a lot, like a period. At that point I thought it was a lot of blood loss, but I had no idea of what was to come.

The day I took the pessaries, I began bleeding more, with cramps, this went on for several hours with small clots coming out.

Then it all calmed down over the next few days, took it easy and went out and about as usual- even with no sanitary towel or even panty liner!

Then around 1 week after the pessaries I had lots of cramping again and the blood just started flowing with quite big clots.

Then around 10 days after first taking the pessaries (the day I was due back to work) woke up with lots of pain, got up as I felt something gushing out of me. As I stood up I felt loads of liquid go down my legs and onto the bedroom carpet!

But it was pinky-clear like water, pains kept coming and was soaking pads within about 20 mins.

Just got into the bath and passed LOADS- not just "clots' it was more like chunks of liver and something round like which I thought might have been part of the placenta. Never saw a sac I don't think, maybe the round thing could've been it.

So, that was a long winded way of saying that my medical management took a very long time.

Never got re-scanned, told to just do a pregnancy test 3 weeks after treatment given.

Never had to stay in hospital, was so grateful to be in my own home and get to do my own thing. Being a shallow bath was the best thing, kept soaking pads and so much was coming out it was easier and more comfortable to be in the bath.

I imagine that if I had been in hospital, they probably would've just sent me for surgery once I hadn't passed everything within 12-24 hours of the pessaries.

Dustpan Wed 21-Sep-16 20:25:11

Hello sparks and turquoise

Sparks - I'm so sorry to hear you are having to go through this. How are you doing now? Are you still in the hospital? Sending you strength and so sorry to hear of the loss of your little one. I hope things are over very quickly for you now.

Turquoise - thanks so much for posting your experience with medical management - really helpful. And I'm so sorry for your loss. Gosh your experience sounded awful although sounds like you coped amazingly. I'm shocked it basically happened a week after you took the pessaries.

I've now been bleeding on and off for 16 days but It just doesn't seem to ramp up to the level needed to expel things confused

EPAU dismissed me firmly on day 9 after my second scan showed I'd had an incomplete mc, told it will complete naturally and just to phone them in another 5 days from now if my urine is still testing pregnant. Consultant said surgery was not an option for me as the sac was v small. Sounded like rubbish to me & that she was thinking of her departments budget rather than me. Really hope it happens naturally soon as not sure how much more waiting I can do.

sparksalot Wed 21-Sep-16 20:59:44

Hi Dustpan thank you for your kind words .
I'm home now, only had very slight bleeding at the hospital so they sent me home. I've just in the past 20 mins had a big gush of liquid and blood. Headed to the loo and there was a few largish clots. I've had a great deal of pain much worse than I'm used to with periods although i am a bit of a softy and dont deal with pain very well at the best of times. The pain came in waves l guess like contractions would. It's pretty much stopped now so I'm praying that was it. However I feel its not over yet.

I'm so sorry you're having such a rubbish time, this process is just so unfair. Can i ask do you still have pain with the bleeding?

Dustpan Thu 22-Sep-16 13:51:28

Hi sparks glad you were able to be back at home. How are you doing today, has there been more bleeding?

I'm really on verge of snapping, can't take the waiting anymore, did a preg test and still testing strong positive so phoned the EPAU and said I can't handle waiting any longer and want the ERPC. Told to go in for another scan tomorrow morning.

I'm bleeding lightly, bit of backache but barely any cramps. Trying to look after my 2yp DS as normal but I keep snapping & shouting at him then breaking into tears. I hate myself for not having more self control. Twice now my darling DS has pointed at my tummy and said "baby". I have no idea how he knows because we never told him, it's all too much.

Hope things are going better with you today, thanks for posting x

sparksalot Thu 22-Sep-16 14:20:39

Hi Dustpan
Well im still belleding and passing "stuff" pain is minimal compared to last night. I think lying down in bed must slow things down as its started up again today. I'm just hoping i passed the baby last night i really dont want to see or feel anything.

Poor you im so sorry, i dont have any children yet so it must be so hard to deal with this when you have a little one as well. Dont beat yourself up about snapping he wont remember this, be kind to yourself.
I think you're right to demand an ERPC its not right making you wait the, emotional toll this has should be taken into account.

I hope tomorrow comes quick and has the outcome you need, i will be thinking of you xx

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