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Miscarriage 8 weeks

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LPmumma Wed 07-Sep-16 16:27:37

Hello all, I'm new here and have decided to turn to ot her r mummies to search for advice/help

A couple of months ago (June time) I suffered a bad miscarriage sad went for a scan to be told that things weren't quite right, had to take tablets... which by then I was devastated! But things only got worse.

I ended up in hosital with massive blood loss, ended up on lots of drips and had to have a blood transfusion. My head was all over the place not only had I just lost my baby but nearly lost my own life..

With help from family and friends I'm beginning to feel sort of normal again. Me and my partner are still having regular sex and are not using any birth control... but still not pregnant which is heart breaking every time I do a test.

My question is.. How long will it take for me to be pregnant again? Is there something wrong or is this normal??
Thank you xx

Iggi999 Wed 07-Sep-16 17:26:01

It is very "normal" to have a miscarriage but that doesn't mean it's easy flowers And you had a particularly bad time.
Yours was very recent really and it seems likely you will get pg again soon - you can only have had two periods I think since your loss? Make sure you're having sex at the most fertile times, and try to relieve the pressure on yourself a bit if you can. Your body may just be ensuring it's healed before trying again.

Lucinda15 Wed 07-Sep-16 18:54:47

I'm so sorry op for ur loss and for the horrible experience you had. I went through similar, though thankfully didn't need a transfusion. The whole thing was deeply traumatic and I have never felt so unwell or been so scared for my life before. I really sympathise and hope you are feeling better.

However, as much as you are keen to conceive again, going through something like that is going to have a huge affect on your health and wellbeing. I didn't feel well again for at least 3 months afterward. I felt weak and tired, my skin and hair became dry and I just felt rubbish for a long time. I conceived 2 cycles after that first mc, but had a chemical pregnancy and lost at around 5 weeks. I was devastated but in hindsight I just don't think I had given my body enough time to recover.

I'm not saying hold off TTC, but as I said to another lady on here going through similar, do make sure you are looking after yourself and getting yourself strong again. Make sure you are taking supplements, and possibly iron ones if not already (floradix is good). Try to eat well and rest. Dnt go mad in the gym 3 times a week. Exercise is good, but just take it easy. I know it sounds daft but try to nurture yourself. I had some acupuncture and was told blood loss can really knock you back and be a problem for fertility. take care of yourself first and hopefully you will conceive soon.

Sending very best wishes x

LPmumma Wed 07-Sep-16 23:10:43

Thank you Lucinda15 for your reply!! I'm also sorry for everything you have been through, and I really do hope you're feeling better now!

I just feel heartbroken every time the test comes up negative, I understand what I went through was horrendous and as the doctors have said it will take a while for my body and mind to get back to normal. I just wish someone could tell me that this won't be forever.

I am already on Iron tablets as my blood levels were so low, but on terms of other supplements I'm lost where to start :/ thank you very much for your kind words, they've definitely given me new perspective on looking after myself more smile x

LPmumma Wed 07-Sep-16 23:15:37

Yes Iggi999 I've had 2 period since it all happened, the second one came 4 days earlier than the first so still aren't quite back in to the normal pattern... but I'm keeping a close eye on my most fertile days!!

I don't want to rush and get pregnant too quickly incase it happens again (which is now a big fear) so I guess I just need to take more time to recover fully. But thank you for replying to my post smile x

Iggi999 Wed 07-Sep-16 23:41:19

Vit d3 is a good one, high strength folic acid, selenium - but I took all these for recurrent miscarriage and you have no reason to think that will happen to you. I found I got quicker at getting pg each time but that wasn't being more fertile I think but getting better and charting and knowing when I was ovulating. Every time you get your period is a reminder of what you've gone through I know, but hopefully it won't take you much longer now x

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