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My experience, early bleeding, clear blue digital tests, pains and looking for advice

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Mrsharper2016 Wed 07-Sep-16 13:21:41


I am new here and just want to share my experience as I am looking for all the first hand experience here when I was experiencing some symptoms.

It happened last week and it was a complete miscarriage. We were just back from a long holiday and in the middle of the holiday I discovered I was pregnant (sore breasts, nausea, dizziness) and booked an appointment with GP first thing when we came back. Clear blue has dated me 2-3 weeks from conception when we were back. We were over the moon as we just started trying.

In the morning of the GP appointment, I discovered some brownish discharge, and there had been some minor period pain (on and off) on one side of my belly so think it's worth mentioning to the GP. I googled and a lot said as long as there is no bright red bleeding it should be fine so I didn't really panic until GP referred me to the emergency EPU for same day internal scan. GP dated me 6w+2. I had no bleeding whatsoever after the discovering the brownish discharge.

The doctor in EPU dated me 4w, which was concern but she said it could also because I had longer cycle. So I was booked in for another scan a week later (yesterday). There was bright red blood on the scan stick.

I went straight home and stayed in bed that afternoon when the cramps and period pain starts ( proper period pain, but not really massive) it came in waves with bleeding (still not much, lighter than my normal period). The following morning I can felt I passed either a clot or just a gush of blood. And the bleeding and pain has calmed down slowly since then. Clearblue still came out 2-3 weeks.

I had on and off spotting for another 4-5 days (only spotting after bowel movement about 5 days after the initial scan) and completely stopped in a week of the scan. However I had no sore breasts etc and clear blue has gone down to 1-2 weeks on the 4th day following the initial scan.

And we went for the second scan yesterday and dr told us it was complete miscarriage and we could ttc after one cycle.

It was really a gloomy day for my husband and me. But I thought it'd make me feel a bit better if I can discuss this with someone. I googled mad after the first scan and when I saw the clear blue test went down in weeks. So hope my experience can help anyone in anyway.

We both prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But when it came it was still unbearable. I'd just want to ask about ttc after miscarriage. Dr suggested I should wait for my womb to heal itself after at least one cycle. Do I need to check for thickness of my lining before starting trying again (forgot to ask her as we were so sad that moment) ?

many thanks!

HeavenlyHeathen Wed 07-Sep-16 13:31:22

So sorry for your loss op. My first mc was a real shock as I was very naive and always thought things like that happened to other people.

The feelings you may feel now do get better and it doesn't mean you won't go on to have healthy children. What i found difficult was not knowing the reason why it happened-and of course I've never found out. But unfortunately mc is actually really quite common.

Fwiw I had a mc in the September and was pregnant by the following January-the easiest pregnancy of my three DC and luckily a very happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy. I wanted to give my body a rest and get my cycle back to normal but if you decided to try again you can try as early as after your next cycle.

You're not alone op. And best wishes for the future X

Mrsharper2016 Wed 07-Sep-16 13:51:19

Thanks HeavenlyHeathen!

It was a complete shock to us and you were right it really got me when dr told me the reason is unknown.

I will give myself a rest first and start again whenever we are ready.
Thanks again!

loz12345 Sat 10-Sep-16 21:53:51

I am sorry you find yourself here.

I am currently having a mc, and I think the advice differs about when to try again.

When I asked my midwife after my first mc when we should try again She advise that you are more fertile after a mc as your body is already prepared, they advise waiting one cycle for dating reasons only. I ended up falling pg with ds before that cycle, but emotionally we were not prepared for it we didn't have chance to get over the mc before being pregnant again and physically it was hard as I was pregnant altogether for over 12 months.

Give yourself the time you need, don't put any pressure on yourself to decide or put a timescale on it you will know when you are both ready to try again flowers

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