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Second ERPC for retained products

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MonkeyPoozzled76 Wed 07-Sep-16 12:49:02

I had an ERPC three weeks ago following my MMC at 10+3 and I had lots of support form everyone on this board (thank you all so much). I need a hand hold and some advice again please.

I've been re-scanned today at the EPU as still having bleeding and pains. I thought I'd cope in the hospital on my own today, I was wrong, minute I set foot in the waiting area for the scan I was a mess. After an internal scan (horrible) I've been told I have retained products, doctor was most apologetic. I have no choice but to have another ERPC, she offered to admit me on the spot but due to me being on my own with the car and DH not being back home till this evening I've asked for tomorrow.
Just waiting for the call to confirm. Good news is they will use a camera this time to ensure all is removed.

I'm so frightened, I'm 40 next month and this was my first pregnancy. I so wanted for everything to be over so I could heal and start to ttc again. I was starting to feel postive again.

I asked the Doc about my chances after all this and she replied "ah your only 25, you've got loads of time" ??? God knows what she though my DOB was but I said no, I'm currently 39 and all I got back was "oh right I see", shuffle shuffle looks at notes.

Don't really know ow what I'm asking for but some advice about recovery after a second proceedue would be good and maybe some reassurance that I may have time left to try again? Just feel like I'm back to square one again. Really so fed up.

Iggi999 Wed 07-Sep-16 17:31:17

I have had an erpc but not a second - I thought recovery from mine was quite good actually better than when I did it naturally.
What a rough time for you, and doing it alone is so hard sad
You must be youthful looking, so hopefully your ovaries are in the same condition! I had one DC at 37 and one (following mcs) at almost 42. That is not unusual anymore. You do have time. Get your body rested for a month or so and then start operation ttc (that would be my advice anyway!)

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