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MMC at 13.5wks - Possible Hydrops Fetalis- Anyone been told to wait to TTC?

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SayItIsntSo1 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:47:08


3 weeks ago I had an ERPC following MMC. We'd had a 12wk scan and told all ok, baby measuring a few days behind and in an awkward position for NT measurement. We went back a week later for a re-scan and were told there was no heartbeat. I was 13+5 by dates but baby only measuring 12wks.

At the second scan where they found MMC the consultant said they saw possible Hydrops fetalis on the baby and that this, coupled with it being late for an early miscarriage and two earlier good scans, meant that they wanted to do an ERPC and test myself and the baby. I have a healthy 2yr old daughter and no problems conceiving either pregnancy.

We have a follow up appointment with the consultant but not until October which at this time feels years away. At the time of ERPC I was very upset and didn't ask any of the million questions in my head. No one said we needed to wait to TTC until after the test results. I have tried to get answers from EPAU in interim before appointment but they have not been helpful and wouldn't answer anything. They seemed to find it unusual that tests/follow up was planned as it's my first miscarriage.

I am now getting negative pregnancy tests and think my period started yesterday (no bleeding after ERPC just some spotting/discharge. I lost a lot of blood so they had to contract my uterus during the procedure- not sure if that has sped the process up?).

Sorry if that is long winded, my question is has anyone been in a similar situation and told to wait TTC until tests/follow up is done? Also, did anyone get told the likelihood of reoccurrence of Hydrops fetalis? I know it's largely chromosomal abnormalities (and bad luck) but after too much googling answers range from repeated reoccurrence and no reoccurrence with little middle ground.

Thanks in advance.

SayItIsntSo1 Fri 02-Sep-16 20:23:28


Snowflakes1122 Fri 02-Sep-16 21:08:35

No real advice. I'm so sorry for what you have been through. It's a truly heartbreaking time flowers

I lost my baby having had a previous perfect scan last month. Baby died at 11 1/2 weeks, and had my d&c at 13 weeks.
It does seem odd they want to investigate further, as they normally only do after 2 or three successive losses. Do you have any medical issues or family history that could be linked?
I would consider talking to your own doctor or the midwife for more information. My doctors were so helpful. Much better than the consultant I had to deal with in epau. They might help you make more sense of it all.

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