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3rd Miscarriage - Genetic Testing?

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ozmund Fri 26-Aug-16 07:06:07

I had a scan yesterday (8+6) that showed that the heartbeat had stopped, after seeing it on the scan at 6+3. This is the first time I have seen a heartbeat as my first pregnancy never progressed beyond the yolk sacs (triplets) and second just to the foetal pole. The size of the foetus suggest it stopped growing earlier this week. (I am going a bit crazy thinking that it was caused by having sex, as the same thing happened with No.1)

I had been referred to the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic and had the first set of blood tests and the only issue arising was that I am heterozygous for Prothrombin gene (which I knew already). There's normally no treatment for this on NHS however I was on a trial for Heparin, so thinking that this can be ruled out as the reason for miscarriage this time around.

I can only think that the reason for the miscarriages is the quality of my eggs (I'm 41 and knew this would be a risk) and have wondered whether to look into donor eggs in the future - however this seems pointless if there are other reasons. The EPU have confirmed with the recurrent miscarriage clinic that they would be able to do genetic testing on the miscarriage however it was a bit vague and I wondered if anyone has any experience of this? I have booked in for medical management next week but was wondering if it is better to have a D&C?


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