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Confused about events of miscarriage?!

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Sammieb89 Thu 25-Aug-16 11:41:55

Hi all,
firstly I would like to thank you for reading my post, it was difficult to express my concerns so please bear with me.
Back in Nov 2015, 8 months after I had my 3rd baby. I unexpectedly fell pregnant and I say unexpected as I had only had 2 periods within the 8 months and really was not trying for another so soon. I made a doctor's appointment for the following week but during this wait my 8 month old and I had a nasty fall while walking near our home, resulting in my baby having quite a few cuts and scraps as the buggie had hit a pot hole over and flipped over taking me with it. Hubby come and picked us up and took us to hospital. While there, they only visually checked my baby (even though his head and face quite clearly took the most impact) and told us to sit around for 2 hours in case of concussion. It was my turn to be checked, I made it clear when I booked in and when the nurse called me that I was pregnant but unable to say how far due to my cycles. They did not take any notice of this and only checked my arm and told me to take paracetamol and ibrofen for the pain, again I said I couldn't because I was pregnant and again I was ignored even though I was complaining of sever tummy pain. In pain and angry by the lack of interest, we went home. That night I started bleeding heavily and called the maternity unit who booked me in for the next morning for a scan after explaining the events of that day (to which by the silence and awkwardness on the phone after I explained that a&e should have sent me for a scan). I went to the scan and was told there had been a bleed most probably due to the accident but the pregnancy was viable nd they gave me a picture. Don't get me wrong some stress subsided knowing the unborn was ok, but.... I carried on bleeding and dealing with intense tummy pain. By the 5th dec I'd had enough and wanted answers as the doctors and maternity unit was just fobbing me off all the time, so put my foot down and got another scan that day. They processed to tell us, our baby had died near to the time of the last scan (viable scan) by this time it had been 10 days since our fall, telling me they would book me in for a d&c to remove the fetus and this would take place on the 18th dec the week before xmas!! Excellent just what i need not!!! The day arrived and i had to go to the normal daycase unit, after waiting 10 minutes to book in they put me in a big room with lots of others and waited over an hour before being told to get changed and follow them to theatre, and do you know what I felt I had more support from the surgeons, the lady surgeon even came and seen me when I woke up to offer her condolences which I appriciated so much after everything iv been through. I suppose what I'm trying to get at is..... 1 this is sort of treatment normal? 2 has anyone else been in this sort of senario? Any info would be greatfully appreciated xx

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