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Bfp and intermittent bleeding

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DrMum83 Tue 23-Aug-16 10:00:43


I really hope someone can offer some kind words! Feeling fragile...

I've had 2 MMCs in the first tri, either side of a healthy pregnancy (my DD is 19mo)

Yesterday, 11dpo, I had some brown spotting which was unusual and unexpected and got a bfp... Unfortunately the spotting picked up pace, and by bedtime, I was having more fresh loss but mainly on wiping and a few drips in the loo.

Today, still having a bfp but bleeding stopped...

I know you can't tell me what I very so much want to hear, but I'd love your experiences. TIA.

moggle Tue 23-Aug-16 10:14:42

Sorry for what you're going through. flowers I would think it's surely a good thing that the bleeding has stopped? I don't have much experience but am currently going through something similar - when my bleeding started on friday (I was only 5 weeks) my very logical/scientific brain was telling myself as long as it stopped short of my 'normal' period, there was still a good chance everything was OK, as it ought to mean there was still plenty of lining in there. (unfortunately it didn't stop so I'm pretty sure it's all over)
What I'd do is keep testing with the same (cheap!) test every other morning until the weekend... probably not healthy but that's what I'd do (actually what I'm doing). If the line stays and no more bleeding then hopefully everything is fine. As you are only 11dpo, the hcg levels wouldn't have increased too much yet so if the pregnancy is ending then they should drop down to below detectable levels fairly quickly, so if the test stays positive I would hope you're OK. If the line fades without further bleeding, I would take a trip to the GP as you may need to be checked to make sure nothing was retained.
Really hope that everything stays uneventful for you xxx

DrMum83 Tue 23-Aug-16 10:29:55

Thank you for taking time to reply when you're obviously going through a similar horrible time! flowers I hope that by the weekend you have some good news. (Doesn't the weekend seem so far away?)
Is your bleeding heavy or spotting? Here's hoping this is the 'implantation bleeding' you read so much about!

Your plan sounds very sensible and logical, thank you.

moggle Tue 23-Aug-16 10:54:17

It's basically a period, really, unfortunately :-( Pretty heavy. Even my optimistic straw-grasping mind is struggling to rationalise that there could be anything much left. Though I guess until I see a negative pregnancy test there's always a tiny glimmer of hope.
It was a frozen IVF cycle so as well as the emotional and physical stuff, it's knowing that we will have to pay another £1500 to have another go (seems cold hearted when I write it down!). We have an early scan as part of the IVF cycle next Tuesday, so that will tell us for sure what has happened.
Fingers crossed for both of us.

DrMum83 Tue 23-Aug-16 11:04:43

Oh that's shit, sorry.

I'll keep this vague to avoid identifying people. I'm a GP and saw a lady once who had had an ivf (frozen) cycle. She came around 5 weeks, distraught, as was bleeding heavily.
A week later there was a heartbeat on the scan and all is well.

Would your clinic do serums bhcgs?

I'm not trying to give false hope, but it really can go either way as you know. (Wish I could take my own advice sometimes!)
My fingers will be crossed for you too.

moggle Tue 23-Aug-16 11:18:26

I haven't actually asked specifically about blood tests... when I rang the clinic on friday to tell them I was bleeding they were very sympathetic but didn't offer bloods, checked their calendar but they have a policy of 2 weeks and 2 days from the official test date and no scans before then due to the risks of not seeing heartbeat yet, so couldn't get an earlier scan.

I've been told about a place about 10 miles away that will do them privately but it'd be a bit of a headache going twice to get them done with work and DD etc. Because my head is now in a place where I'm virtually certain it's over I think I'll wait (although I will ring the clinic and update them just so they know in advance). That's a lovely story about your patient though! how wonderful :-)

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