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Medical management for MMC -was that it?

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Orangefluff27 Mon 22-Aug-16 20:03:44

I had my 12 week scan on Friday and it showed that baby had died at 7 weeks. Devastated, especially knowing that I'd been oblivious for 5 weeks as pregnancy symptoms were the same 😞
I decided to go with Misoprostol as I really just wanted to be at home so took the tablets vaginally at 10:30 Saturday then laid down for an hour as the nurse had told me to. Nothing really happened for about 6 hours then just some bleeding and mild cramps. Another 2-3 hours I passed some clots although not that much. Didn't even soak a pad. Since then I've had mild cramps and brown blood with brown clots. I'm just concerned that it might not have worked as I really expected a lot more pain and bleeding. Or could it have been that there just wasn't that much as it was so early? And will mainly be old blood as it was so many weeks ago?
I have a follow up scan in 3 weeks time but I'm thinking of calling tomorrow to try to get one sooner as I'm worried that I may still need another round of tablets or surgery and I really don't want it hanging over me for that long.
Has anyone else had such mild symptoms after taking the pills??

DRSLondon Tue 23-Aug-16 17:32:39

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm in the same boat. I had a medical miscarriage 10 days ago and bled off and on for 7/8 days. There were some clots but only very small ones and the bleeding wasn't much heavier than my period often is. It really wasn't so bad. I expected worse based on what I've read. Not sure if that's normal or there is more still to come out. I really hope it's over as I want to start healing so I can try again soon. I have a follow up appointment scheduled for Thursday but it's playing on my mind.

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