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i think i had a miscarriage? please help!

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fropsofjupiter Thu 18-Aug-16 02:45:16

okay so i should start off saying that i havent been trying to conceive, only for the reason that my eggs do not grow fully then die, so me and my bf of 6 years do not use protection! i would LOVE to have children one day(im 23). now on to my question/story.... ever since ive gotten my period its always been irregular(every 2 weeks, or every3 months, so its pretty normal for me not to worry that im pregnant) and i hadnt gotten my period in 2.5/3 months, well 2 days ago i started spotting just like any of my other periods on the first day but then i woke up yesterday with super bad cramps... like i never use pills to help natural pain but i HAD to get midol cause i couldnt move at all! and my flow was/is(comes and goes) is so heavy a tampon lasted onlyÛ30 mins(mostly when i woke up yesterday). when looking at my blood after ive wiped myself it doesnt look 'old' i guess u can say, more like blood coming from a cut on my arm.. and i have alot of blood clots coming out as well... im going to attach a picture of what i found today(my camera on my phone is scratched so it SUCKS!!! sorry!) and before i got my 'period' my boobs, more specifically my nipples more then anything hurt like hell(never in any of my periods has that happened to me) and i was tired like all day... i feel kind of silly assuming all of this but id rather know then not. any kind of help would be appreciated, ive made a dr appt but id like to go in maybe knowing if i can! thank u all so much smile PS: the picture is of 2 blood clot things that i seen after i went to the bathroom... the darker parts are bloody looking and then there were some lighter spots(connected to the bloody ones... kind of whitish).. really hope you guys can see... i hate my camera!!!

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