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Incomplete miscarriage - increased vascularity

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tiggykate Thu 11-Aug-16 22:15:08

I had a miscarriage a week ago. I supposed to be 8 weeks pregnant but had a scan a few hours before I miscarried which showed a sac with yolk but no fetal pole or heartbeat.

I had a follow up scan today and I fully expected to be told that I'd miscarried and everything had gone. However, they said that it's incomplete and my notes say that the lining is 15mm, there is increased vascularity and RPOC were seen. I have another follow up scan in 2 weeks. Stupidly I've googled this and an now terrified that the increased vascularity could mean that I'm going to end up having a hysterectomy if I need a D and C.

Does anyone know what this means? I was taken by surprise that it was incomplete - I was hoping it was all gone so that I could ttc again really soon. I didn't have chance to process it all in order to ask questions when I was there.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

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Cashmummy Fri 12-Aug-16 10:14:53

I'm so so sorry for your loss tiggy. I had a similar experience where I had RPOC following ERPC, conservative management & medical management. Eventually I opted for a MVA to remove the last poc after I got an infection. I was told vascularity could be related to an infection and given massive antibiotics - after this my white cell count went back to normal and after the MVA my lining was back to 7cm. No one said anything about a hysterectomy! If you've got any concerns I'd ring your EGU and see if they can answer your questions & go through options with you again. Big hugs xxx

tiggykate Sun 14-Aug-16 17:50:20

Thank you for sharing your experience - I'm sorry for your loss too. No-one mentioned anything about infection - I was told my bloods were fine but I'll be keeping a close eye out for any sign of infection. I just feel like I'm in limbo waiting for it all to be over. xx

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Rosti1981 Mon 15-Aug-16 11:15:11

I've had / am currently having a very similar experience except ive had bouts of heavy bleeding/ passing clots every few days. Most of the mc passed three weeks ago but I keep bleeding heavily and a scan this morning revealed there is still stuff left.... the midwife mentioned vascularity (she said this is the tough bit that can sometimes hang on after everything else has passed?) which, after googling, is why I found this thread! Am waiting to see a doctor now.....

Sending hugs anyway. It is horrible to feel it dragging on like this.

Cashmummy Mon 15-Aug-16 11:59:37

Poor you Rosti - the dragging on is horrible. Hope the doctor can help get it all sorted for you x

tiggykate Mon 15-Aug-16 12:47:13

Sorry to hear you're also going through this Rosti. I hope the doctor can help you get out of this limbo. I have to wait for another 2 weeks until my next scan to see if everything has gone - but judging by the bleeding and clots I don't think it has yet.

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Rosti1981 Mon 15-Aug-16 13:55:39

When is your scan tiggykate? Doctor was musing about erpc/medical management but apparently the retained products are relatively small and i am passing clots still, so in the end they decided to rescan next week. It is a frustrating wait not really knowing what is going on. Ive had blood tests to check iron (now rising after being very low) and white blood cells (no infection) so at least im reassured that it should just be a little bit more and I am otherwise well.

Rosti1981 Mon 15-Aug-16 13:57:04

I hope your follow up scan shows the rest of it has passed. Are you feeling ok in yourself?

tiggykate Mon 15-Aug-16 14:07:53

Fingers crossed your next scan is clear Rosti. It's good to hear your bloods were ok. My scan is a week on Friday. I'm feeling tired and lethargic but otherwise ok thank you. How do you feel about waiting another week? Hope you're feeling ok xx

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Rosti1981 Tue 16-Aug-16 11:56:31

Fingers crossed for your scan too.

Are you still bleeding? Tbh I am ok waiting another week, it has now been 3 weeks of bleeding and 5 weeks since I found out the pregnancy wasn't viable, and while I just want it properly over now, the consultant and doctor seemed confident that the remaining retained products (the vascularity which apparently is the tough bits that sometimes hold on to the end) were small and would come soon. There would be no guarantees that an erpc would even get them as they are small. I passed some more clots yesterday and I wonder if that was it as bleeding has now calmed down.

Anyway it seemed normal, main issue is increased risk of infection but I've had preemptive antibiotics, no temp or smelliness and my blood count doesn't show any elevated white blood cells that might indicate infection.

I think it can be quite common with a MMC for it to drag on a bit.... I think the pregnancy starts to break down before the miscarriage starts, which is why it doesn't necessarily all come away in one go. And the vascularity sounds like it is the thing most likely to linger. I asked the doctor about whether there might be long-term damage or something as it felt so disconcerting, and she was very clear that it was normal and ok and although mentally v hard to have it drag on, it wasn't that uncommon or dangerous (provided no continual heavy blood loss, fainting, signs of infections etc. - and if any of that to come straight back or go to A&E).

Rest as much as you can. I was quite badly anaemic the week following the main part of the miscarriage but despite several bouts of heavy bleeding for a few hours every few days, I was prescribed iron tablets and my hb levels have risen in the last week so I am less weak.

Do rest but go back to hospital if you feel truly dreadful. Or at least get seen by the GP. It takes an enormous toll on your body I realise now, and you need to keep an eye on how you are feeling. Hoping our next scans are clear so we can move on! Sending hugs too x

tiggykate Mon 22-Aug-16 00:51:38

Have you had another scan yet Rosti?

I think I've passed everything now. I continued to bleed for a total of 2 weeks after the main bleed, but I decided to go for a very big walk and when I got home I had some minor cramps and passed some grey stringy stuff (sorry if tmi!) and then the bleeding stopped. I've got to wait a week until my next scan but I'm fairly confident I'll be told it's all gone.

I was feeling really tired but that seems to have passed when the bleeding stopped too.

I did a hpt last night and only had a very very faint line that didn't come up until after over 5 mins. However opk was strongly positive - not sure if there is enough hcg in my system to interfere or whether I am ovulating already.

Hopefully this will be over soon for both of us so we can move on and ttc again (if that's what you want to do straight away). xx

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tiggykate Sat 27-Aug-16 11:16:18

Just to update in case anyone else is going through this - or if it comes up in a future search.

I had another scan which showed that although the bleeding stopped I still have a RPOC which measures less than 2cm^3. There is no longer a blood supply to it so the midwife said that it should leave in my next period.

I'm still testing positive on HPTs - they're been faintly positive for a week now. I have to do another test in a week. It should be negative but if it's positive I have to phone the EPU back up. In the meantime I just need to look out for signs of infection. Limbo land continues!

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Rosti1981 Tue 06-Sep-16 14:04:29

Hey, just checked this thread again. Hope limbo land resolves soon for you. I had a scan on 24/8 and STILL had blinking retained products then (but v v small). Dr advised MVA or pessaries to clear the last bit but we were supposed to be going away on holiday on 26th (and I had lost enough summer to this blinking miscarriage), so I declined both as I was feeling ok by then, had stopped bleeding and he said there wasn't really any infection risk as products were so small.

Anyway I had another scan today and it is finally clear! 9 weeks after first bleed, 8 weeks after MC was diagnosed and 6 weeks after bleeding started. No bleeding for a fortnight now, am a lot stronger and preg test is now negative.

I can't believe how long it has taken but I am relieved to be back to normal at last.

Hope your hpt tests are negative now and the limbo has ended positively for you x

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