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Difficulty after miscarriage

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Cakeface83 Tue 09-Aug-16 15:09:20


I am hoping others have been through similar situations and can offer advice!

I managed to get pregnant v quickly after stopping the pill but had a missed miscarruage earlier this year.

6 months later and I still have not got a positive on opk despite having regular periods and my 21 day blood tests show borderline level for ovulation. On top of that I seem to have got some endometriosis Symtoms (hip pain and periods cramps mid cycle) just to add to it all!

I am so confused and thought I would get pregnant again soon after the miscarriage. The due date is soon and its heartbreaking that I'm
not even pregnant and possibly ovulating. I hadn't realised how much I wanted it until I got pregnant, so upsetting. Everyone around me has children or is pregnant and having babies. I get so down and can't take much more disappointment.

Good luck to everyone, guess some things are worth waiting for...


JulyLady7 Thu 11-Aug-16 10:53:30

Hi Cakeface83,

So sorry to hear about your loss. I had a MC in April this year and it's truly heartbreaking.

I've not been ttc since, but will again after this cycle ends. Even though we're not trying, I've been tracking with OPK's and not had a positive since the miscarriage either. However, a follow up scan showed that I was ovulating and the other signs, as in cervical mucus and temperature show that I am ovulating and my luteal phase is what it always was, just I seem to ovulate a few days later than previously. Testing when I do isn't gonna show a positive as it's too early.
Do you track any other symptoms?

Cakeface83 Thu 11-Aug-16 13:21:51

Hi julylady7,

Sorry to hear about your loss. I think that having a bit of a break from ttc is actually a really good idea and wish we had done that.

I don't really track any other symptoms. I did start temping this month but my temperatures are all over the place and vary so much from day to day! I thought that a scan couldn't show if you're ovulating? I had a scan and all looks ok but dr said this doesn't show ovulation. Good news that's temps are all ok and show ovulation. You might get the bfp first try! I've had 21 day blood test and the results were borderline - I don't know if I did it at the right time of the month to be honest. Have you had blood tests?

It all happened so easily last time - no opks or temping or anything! I've never had any problems with periods before and now I seem to have all sorts.

6 months feels like an eternity and dreaded due date is fast approaching which is making me turn into a crazy lady! Poor husband doesn't know what to do with me.

Good luck xx

JulyLady7 Thu 11-Aug-16 16:42:52

Thanks Cakeface83,

Yeah, I got pregnant first time trying before and it was a shock to get a positive on the pregnancy test, I was so happy, to only miscarry at 7 weeks!

Really hoping that the loss hasn't messed up my body somehow and it doesn't take too long, but you never know!

A transvaginal ultrasound can confirm ovulation as if you have them at certain times it can check which ovary has the dominant follicle and then check that there is a corpus luteum. This as well as temps confirmed ovulation.

I've not had blood tests as my gynaecologist and GP are satisfied enough with my temp charts and so am I.

I completely get what you mean about the due date coming round. I'm dreading it!

To be honest, if you got it easily first time round, chances are you'll be ok! Maybe try temping or other symptoms as I think is easy to miss the window with OPK's.
I do worry about how my husband will feel once we start trying as I don't want him to feel pressured! Lol.
Good luck to you too, hopefully your bfp isn't too far off! smile

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